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Vol 8 No 4

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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State House 419er Syndicate Exposed!

By Ibrahim Samura, Freetown

May 20, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

Allegation over what the police say was ‘kidnapping of an Irish man’ (name withheld) has revealed extreme overindulgences of state officers attached to the office of the President and Mines Ministry; and which sources say is called ‘Closing’ by core and all senior police officers.

Sources say true con artists otherwise called 419ers, have in the past and even now, connived with police officers and mines inspectors in fleecing of hundreds/thousands/millions of raw US dollars from foreign business individuals having the interests to invest in this country.

One of such was the recent arrest of a close protection guard attached to President Koroma, State House information officer and a mines inspector, on allegation that they conspired with 419ers in kidnapping an Irish national whose U.S $800.000 was criminally fleeced off by unknown fraudsters.

Although Superintendent Lugan dodged telling the public the true connotation of action of officers now behind bars while doing an interview with 98.1 concerning alleged kidnapping of one Irish investor, sources within ranks of the police say it is called ‘Closing;’ a name given to officers who acts as paid up persons of 419ers in the intimidation and quick exit of ‘ripped off’ investors from shores of Sierra Leone.

Unconfirmed sources say senior officers attached to the office of the President have had their hands deep into aiding con artists in the ripping off of foreign investors hundreds, thousands and millions of raw US dollars time and time again.

It could be recalled that about a year or more, close protection officers attached to the office of the President were arrested by beach boys at the Aberdeen/Lumley Beach and whisked to Congo Cross Police on allegation that they attempted robbing a foreign businessman.

At Congo Cross Police, it was later confirmed that the famous Leather Boot (the buckskin of State House fame) floated up to scare and cause the release of all State House culprits.

The Mines Ministry which has the legal responsibility to handle and monitor legal transactions of the business of diamond and gold, we are told, has senior officers meddling around 419ers and who always acts as confidants to them; a thing 419ers believed always gives easy success into having them fake innocent foreign investors wanting to do business in gold and diamond.

Alhassan Bangura, the arrested mines monitoring officer must be made to say it all concerning the syndicate and unwholesome cabal of persons at the mines ministry that supports and conspires with 419ers in the fleecing of monies of innocent business people.

Full details to come later!  

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