All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ - Edmund Burke


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Vol 8 No 4

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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THIS COCORIOKO FORUM has been set up to provide Sierra Leoneans with a vehicle through which they can express their views about matters affecting their country. It must be made quite clear that the views expressed on this forum in no way represent the position of the COCORIOKO Newspaper on these issues. Articles written on this forum solely represent the views of the writers, not COCORIOKO.The forum and the newspaper are two different entities.

Emerson: The Clannish and Tribal Bigot

Posted by psychology Professor / Side Judge on October 31, 2009 at 21:35:17:

Did Emerson forget when the All People’s Congress ascended to power or was he willfully misstating the truth? He said, “Papay nar 3 good years now done rub so”. Did he suffer a mild stroke that left him mentally disabled with selective amnesia to mistake 2007 for 2006? Did not the Ernest Bai Koroma government just complete their second term in office? Where did Emerson get his three good years that have passed since the change in Sierra Leone’s political leadership?

Emerson began working on harming the reputation of the All People Congress just one year into their regaining of political power in Sierra Leone. He is part of that clannish group of political bigots who call themselves diehard SLPP Mendes. He is as arrogant as the rest of the crude bunch with no perception of the current facts. Why would he end his song with “This nor to tin for laugh ’bout o Ee jus look lek the way wea tin dae go so, If ee nor change; 2012, 12 o clock sharp, We dae wap!”.

I am flabbergasted that the once highly respected Sierra Leone’s artist will lower his talent to endorse the absurd ambition of the limping SLPP to bounce back 2012, 12 o clock sharp. Perhaps, him and his clannish group have failed to recognize Sierra Leone today, is not the same as Sierra Leone in 1996, and 2007. This unqualified baloney of 2012 sharp 12 is driving this desperate bunch to foster foolish and harmful endeavors; such as Emerson’s asymmetric song.

Mr. Emerson Bockerie, Ndi-leh-lee vay nya weh. Meaning, give me peace, in your own native Mende language. Mr. Bockerie why are you using the Temne language to speak about the so-called evils in the society? Mr. Bockerie, Koi vayah, meaning the War is over in your native Mende tongue. Instead of trying to faintly insight another revolution, why not be an ambassador of Ndi-leh-lee (PEACE) in Sierra Leone? Mr. Bockerie, Nya Goh aa Ndi-le-lee, (I want Peace)

Sierra Leoneans want peace and not war or the revolution you and your clan are trumping. Sing about development and not try to raise doubts about the Bumbuna accomplishments of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his government. A better alternative could be, for you to forget about the music business for now because all your songs have the same rhythm with slight variations here and there. You have lost your originality and creativity and now trying to force words into a tune without allowing the harmony to flow out of you. It is categorically inappropriate to abuse the current image of Sierra Leone, simply because you want to carry out the will of your people.

Emerson said, “Yes, some man say den nor go love me coz me mot sharp lek Bob Marley but ar get for say watin me people want me for say” Am I the only one who heard him right? Nevertheless, I have to say what my people want me to say. Therefore, the song is not your original voice, but an articulation of the directives given to you by your clannish tribesmen and women. How foolish of you to lose your independent voice in order to please a disgruntled minority in today’s Sierra Leone? Dis nor to tin for laugh:- Bounce Off Emerson Bozo and go tell the other dogmatists in your tribal clique that 2012 sharp 12 will meet them weeping due to their unrivaled defeat by the All People Congress. I hope you have the courage enough to sing about SLPP’s trounce after sharp 12 in 2012. Ndi-Leh-Lee Emerson Bozo. Yes Peace out Emerson Bozo.


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