''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 8 No 9

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Sunday April 3, 2011 - That Sierra Leone government statement on our nationals in Libya and Ivory Coast - an admission that all is not well in the mother countryInformation Minister I B Kargbo - why have Sierra Leoneans spurned the offer to be brought home?

After a very long and deafening silence the awful horror in Freetown passing for a "democratic government" finally issued a statement on the situation of Sierra Leoneans caught up in the conflict zones of Libya and Ivory Coast. If that government believed that the 29th March statement would deflect criticisms of just how uncaring it is, then it only succeeded in putting the spotlight on itself and exposing all the lies it uses from the tricks box of the smoke and mirrors President. Kindly take a look at this part of that statement -

"At the initial stage of the conflict, the Sierra Leone Embassy in Libya issued a statement calling on all Sierra Leoneans in that country to register with the embassy as a first step towards their eventual evacuation. A total of 125 persons got registered. The next step the embassy took was to approach and reach an agreement with the British Government to assist in the evacuation of Sierra Leoneans in Libya.

However, after concluding arrangements with the British Embassy in Libya, most of the registered Sierra Leoneans turned down the offer, stating that they would only agree to be evacuated to either the US or the UK; and that they would rather continue to stay in Libya than return to Sierra Leone."

The question for the Koroma-led regime now is - why have the Sierra Leoneans decided on staying in war-ravaged Libya rather than take the offer of coming home to Sierra Leone? And this is the Sierra Leone, which according to the flying internet toilets of AFRC Mk2 has in just three years become "heaven on earth" under the guidance and direction of the great leader and helmsman of the nation wreckers Ernest Bai Koroma.

Sunday April 3, 2011 - Today 3rd April 2011 is Mothers Day - A day for all mothers, all womenwhat other countries may call Mothering Sunday. The BBC's Religion Page states that this event is celebrated on the 4th Sunday on Lent but points out that this has nothing to do with what obtains in the United States of the same name/nomenclature. Traditionally, it was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and family.

Today it is a day when children give presents, flowers, and home-made cards to their mothers. Even as this event is celebrated, the Sierra Herald believes that the so-called "Diaspora People" now enjoying from the fruits of appropriate political connections take a rethink of their activities in the mother country. It is time for them to take a second look at mothers in Sierra Leone and do their best to improve the lot of all mothers, would be mothers, women of a mothering status as well as all they come across as they strut their stuff in the face of abject poverty. We wish all mothers wherever they may be God's riches blessings and a prayer for the women and mothers of Sierra Leone that the Lord will bring them comfort and succour one fine day in the face of adversity.

Floreat Mothers of Sierra Leone!!!!!

Saturday April 2, 2011 - India lifts the ICC World Cup after defeating a worthy opponent in the shape of Sri Lanka.

India had waited 28 years for thisIndia celebrates winning the World Cup....28 years when they first held the victory trophy and when it came tonight thanks to a hard-hitting and battling team fused with gamesmanship led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, it was an eruption of joy that is yet to be equalled in the game of cricket, lovely cricket. We say congratulations to all the participating teams in a tournament that was as unpredictable as it was exciting. Africa's representative included Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa with none of these teams making it to the final which was left between two cricket-loving and cricket-mad nations Sri Lanka and India. The India team counts among its numbers legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar who was carried shoulder high by colleagues doing the lap of honour at his home ground stadium where the match was played - the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. It was a fitting tribute to a man who had waited for so long, won so many honours in cricket but never the World Cup in One Day International (ODI) cricket. Which reminds the Sierra Herald that Sierra Leone should have been a worthy opponent on the international cricket scene if only governments had paid attention to the needs of sport and sportsmen and women rather than seeing sport as a means of making money for the benefit of officials. Whatever happened to cricket in schools?

Tuesday March 29, 2011- And the winner is Ghana never mind the 1-1 scorelineThe man who brought joy to Ghana

The final score was one apiece but the celebrations which followed Ghana's late minute equaliser was loud and long...so loud that you would be forgiven for thinking that Ghana had won tonight's match against England. It was a match that did not disappoint a packed Wembley Stadium where Ghanaians in their thousands filled the arena of the beautiful game to watch and cheer in what some sports enthusiasts described a historic game that pit the two sides for the first time in a duel that brought out the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Host England was the first to score just before the half time whistle and up to the 88th minute, it looked like the score would remain on that line for England to celebrate a victory against Ghana. But fate and sheer football skills would deny England that victory as Asamoah Gyan (remember him at the South Africa World Cup) carefully weaved his way through the England defence in the box to nail home the equaliser. The whole stadium erupted in sheer joy of celebration of that goal and more so for the manner it was crafted to deny Fabio Capello's side the victory that could have been secured by that Andy Carroll goal. Congratulations Ghana and England for tonight's entertaining game. It was indeed a joy to watch.

Sunday March 27, 2011 - Self-proclaimed men of the cloth, pastors and beasts in the guise of preachers of the Word. How a 44-year old female pastor got unmasked. The story of Lucy Adeniji once more highlights the dangers of false prophets.Lucy the preacher

This is yet another Sunday - one of the days of the week many practising Christians attend church services to worship the true and living God and to give thanks to Him for His many mercies. It is a time for reflection for the Christian to take a look at his/her actions to see whether actions and activities of the body and more especially the tongue has been in line with Christian principles. It is part of the Christian's daily reflection on whether the greed and lust for earthly goodies have clouded the true path to righteousness as those professing to be the bearers of God's Word bow down to craven images of mind and imagination in the pursuit of what they consider the good things in life thereby subverting the true meaning of The Word. No, the Sierra Herald has never professed to be an outlet for the preachers of the Word, but cannot help noticing the emergence of false prophets proclaiming God's Word to serve ambitions. The Sierra Herald has, for more than six years followed the scripts of one such impostor - from "articles" on online forums using any name that comes to his warped mind to claiming so many titles from being a degree holder in Law, Medicine, Journalism, etc etc to whatever qualification that fancies his fertile and evil mind. Well in those six years we can confirm from enquiries to the relevant bodies that even churches where he claims to be an Elder/Religious Advisor/Associate Pastor/Pastor etc etc being non-existent. Let those who have eyes and ears, read and comprehend. Heed the unmasking of Lucy Adeniji.

March 23, 2011 - It is yet another anniversary, Ernest Bai Koroma - going down the same irresponsible path of unbridled corruptionthe 20th and quite fitting to mark the day armed groups from a neighbouring country, The man who would be king...his last days at the Special Court.Liberia entered our beloved country Sierra Leone unleashing untold mayhem and raw terror on a peaceful civilian population that was unprepared as it was bewildered as to why they should come under attack from armed men. And this even though the Sierra Leone army had a presence in the area. Yes - we need to recall what led to Bomaru and what led to an armed insurrection during the rule of the late Joseph Saidu Momoh in 1991. It was a time when any form of opposition to the government was swiftly crushed with journalists forced to go into hiding, compromise principles or simply join the choral bands singing "There Is Victory For Us"...Us meaning the awful horror known as the APC that had succeeded in corrupting everything decent that had been in place in 1968 when Siaka Stevens became Prime Minister. Nowadays, the internet has made it impossible for governments in Sierra Leone to ban newspapers and magazines critical of them and now under the Ernest Bai Koroma serfdom, it has embarked on a campaign of flushing the internet with all manner of publications - harping on the same theme. Ernest Bai Koroma does no wrong. Kindly recall this article written five years ago in the Sierra Herald as well as this one written by Dr Sama Banya in the Sierra Express Media (copy).
March 23, 2011 - Another sick joke from the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) as the Nazi-controlled AFRC Mk2 set-up advertises a number of positions. We say brush up your APC party cards as well as making sure you have the right connections. Information Minister I B Kargbo - another opportunity to populate SLBC with APC activists

The newly formed SLBC, an organisation that was meant to be independent of government and non-political has advertised a number of positions ranging from Producers, through other programme makers on both radio and television to Finance, Engineering and Human Resources (Personnel Department for the old timers). The requirements for the jobs in terms of experience and qualifications looks, on paper, very impressive and would get the thumbs-up from any professional wanting to see the SLBC as a truly independent national broadcaster headed an manned by competent Sierra Leoneans. Except that given how the top posts of Director General and Deputy Director General of this organisation were dished out, there is not much hope for the true professional with no political affiliation and one would imagine just how frustrated former professionals of the then SLBS would now be knowing just too well that the corrupt set-up which passes for a government of Ernest Bai Koroma would ensure that nearly all those post are filled by APC party activists. These are the advertised posts as carried on the online pages of Sierra Express Media.

March 17, 2011 - Longest-serving death row woman set free - good news for rights campaignersMK - Her life has been spared. Is this paving the way for a second look at the death penalty in Sierra Leone?

The online edition of the Standard Times carried the story of woman condemned by the courts to die by hanging getting a reprieve - getting her life rather than facing the gallows at Pademba Road. Indeed, records show that it has been quite a while now since any woman was hanged for any offence for which the courts had passed such a sentence. The last reported/recorded case was that of a woman convicted by the courts for her alleged part in the ritual murder of a child. It is reported that on the day of her execution, the condemned woman having spent some time in prison actually believed that she would be set free by the State after assurances by the Prison authorities that they do not usually hang women. So she saw nothing untoward when one morning she was told to get ready because "one big man" wanted to talk to her. Up to the time the floor opened beneath her and sent her body downwards and on to her death, she never understood what the hood and the rope represented because of the continuing assurances she received from the prison staff. And so it was welcome news to read on the pages of Philip Neville's news outlet that a woman named MK had had her death sentence quashed. This is one good news that should have been trumpeted by the AFRC Mk2/Nazi propaganda machine (the flying toilets) - that the Ernest Bai Koroma government has taken a giant step that could well lead to the authorities taking a second look at the death penalty on Sierra Leone's statute documents. Well done.

March 8, 2011 - International Women's Day - Let Sierra Leone join women all over the world in observing the 100th anniversary of Women's Day even as they cry for justice in the wake of allegations of rape and other egregious acts committed against them during the decade-long warPresident Koroma's buddy Leatherboot - implicated in the violence against women at SLPP headquartersPresident Koroma - why is he keeping quiet over sexual violence allegations?

The world today March 8, 2011 observes, as has been the case on this day, a special day to look at the plight of women as well as to celebrate their achievements in whatever field of endeavour they find themselves. This year's observance is of great significance because it is also the 100th anniversary of the observance of the rights of women all over the world - never mind Sierra Leone was still under the colonial yoke. As the womenfolk of Sierra Leone celebrate, supported by their men-folk (we hope) as well as children, we call on the Ernest Bai Koroma government to put aside the motor-mouthing and really do something positive that would show that his government is not playing mere lip service to the ideals of protecting the Sierra Leone woman. We would also want to remind the President that it was the Sierra Leone rape cases that evolved into Rape now becoming a part of the ICC charge list. The sexual violence scenario against women in Sierra Leone is not helped either with the alleged rape of women found in the headquarters of the opposition SLPP in the capital. The Sierra Herald would urge President Ernest Bai Koroma to take a good second, if not third look at the recommendations of the learned judge - Justice Bankole Thompson. We would also want the President to show more concern at reports of ongoing sexual violence against women within the borders of Sierra Leone and to heed UN top scribe Ban's call for tougher action against perpetrators of sexual violence. (See below) The big question now is - Has President Koroma got equipped law enforcement officers the necessary forensic equipment that would enhance investigations into allegations of rape...or is the status quo convenient for him in the intimidation of women political challengers?


Wednesday February 16, 2011 - The greatest joke of all times as SLBC issues press statement on appointments. What a sick, sick joke!!!President Koroma's professional head of the national broadcaster

The newly-created Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation, SLBC, the new organisation that is supposed to be professional in every sense of the word has issued a press statement over an article apparently carried by a newspaper in Freetown. Thanks to the Sierra Express Media internet outlet, the Sierra Herald can now ask a few questions in relation to the issue over which the SLBC appears to be bristling with righteous indignation as if all appointments to the new body are above board - that there was nothing underhand about the appointment of the people occupying the top post in the new national broadcaster. The Sierra Herald knows that even those who dared put out that press release know just how rotten the whole recruitment process had been with cronies of the President filling the top posts just like all top posts since AFRC Mk2 assumed the reigns of government. Take the case of the Director General. This was the advert for the post - a very respectable document - all aimed at deceiving the people of Sierra Leone and the international community. And who had the job in terms of this impressive advert? Ask Information Minister I B Kargbo and his President Ernest Bai Koroma. If you think that this took the cake...check out his Deputy, the post holder who should be an experienced broadcast journalist and who would take over the professional duties should the post holder, the DG be away. This was the advert for this post. And who is holding the post? Again ask Information Minister of an I B Kargbo and his President. He will tell you why a retired school inspector one Samura was appointed. A man who knows nothing about journalism, not to talk about broadcast journalism in this age of digital technology. Disgraceful, very disgraceful for an organisation (SLBS) that was the standard setter in the West African sub-region. What a shame that beats the "dry yie kobba shame" phenomenon. What investigation do they intend to carry out?

Friday February 4, 2011  - Oh Egypt, Oh Mubarak - as the country agitates for change government officials display a lack of understanding until....AFRC Mk2 are you watching?A victim of the ruling party thugs in EgyptSLPP supporters - victims of ruling APC party thugs in Freetown

Remember President Ben Ali of Tunisia? He made all the promises his panic-stricken mind can come up with to temporarily please the rising tide of people power against him. They did not work and in the end...he had to quit. Now President Mubarak and more especially his so-called Vice President and former air force commander and Aviation minister one Ahmed Shafiq appear to be sitting tight. This Shafiq man apologises one moment for the thugs the ruling party unleashed on the protesters and the next he says leaving power is alien to Egyptian culture. As the pro-Mubarak crowd for hire gradually paints itself out of the picture...some lessons for AFRC Mk2 hell bent on implementing "the second term project". Sit tight, sit tight and watch and learn from the lessons of people power. For those with the symptoms of selective amnesia and the new Turks on the block - remember how the APC Youth League members were trained in the use of weapons firing at military ranges with each handed one of those East European pistols at the time? We know and they know.


Monday March 7, 2011 - Ivory Coast - refusing to accept the reality on the ground. How ECOWAS, the AU and the UN got it all wrong and must go back to the drawing board. Allasane Ouattara and Laurent Gbagbo must be taken out of the equation.

The situation in Ivory Coast appears to have taken a back seat as far as the international community is concerned given its fascination and dare we say, obsession with events in north Africa. While "mediators" have been busy trying to enforce a solution, killing machines of both sides have been busy terrorising the civilian population, killing and raping their victims as well as committing other egregious acts. The three main interlocutors between the two main sides - ECOWAS, the African Union as well as the United Nations have been preaching and threatening violence as a way of removing the unrepentant and violence-prone Laurent Gbagbo from power. At one stage in the negotiations, Sierra Leone's delegation even went as far as giving the impression that the Gbagbo government had only a few weeks before being ousted by force. Some three months on, Gbagbo is still there and the violence continues with civilians bearing the brunt of the consequences. As reports on the ground show, the UN must have failed in the disarmament process with the former rebels of the New Forces still heavily armed and ready to start another round of civil war. And in this quagmire, please consider the role of former Liberian killers who are now in Ivory Coast fighting on both sides and satisfying their unending crave for blood-letting, rape and looting.

The Big Question - Why do the flying toilets of AFRC Mk2 (read internet outlets for whom Ernest Bai Koroma does no wrong) of Ernest Bai Koroma ignore the rape, arson, murder, abduction, amputation and other horrors perpetrated against the civilian population on January 6, 1999?Nothing was sacred on January 6, 1999 as a church is ravaged.

Have they been ordered by their god, Ernest Bai Koroma not to remind him about the "protection officers" and others who directly ordered and took part in "the punishment of civilians" for protesting against the junta of Johnny Paul Koroma and who still occupy top positions in the heart and mind of the smoke and mirrors President? Whatever the case the tragic events which claimed more than six thousand lives did occur and it is but fitting that Sierra Leoneans be reminded of the acts of the awful horror - the murderous campaign of those who now surround Ernest Bai Koroma. Remember we had to label them flying toilets because they take upon themselves to abuse, denigrate and heap invented and degrading lies, using internet outlets, on all those perceived as critical of the smoke and mirrors man occupying the country's top political seat, one Ernest Bai Koroma. Just goes to show what the love of money and political favours can do. Any lessons from Tunisia? Bet they would be quaking in fear as they once more witness what people power can do.

Sunday January 16, 2011 -The Sierra Leone cocaine case - We challenge the smoke and mirrors President Koroma to deny his government has never interfered in the judiciary as evidence emerge that State House stopped the police from arresting Kemoh SesayPresident Koroma - why is this man going against the oath he took?

The Sierra Herald can now reveal that preliminary police investigations into that cocaine plane landing at Lungi international airport had the paw marks of the then Transport and Communications minister Kemoh Sesay all over it. He could have known about the plane's mission and was believed by investigating officers to be a key player in the whole saga. One airport official in his preliminary statement to the police went as far as to state that it was minister Kemoh Sesay who gave the landing clearance on the night of Sunday July 13, 2008. When the police sought to search the premises of Kemoh Sesay based on their initial findings - something that could have led to the arrest of the minister Transport and Communication minister, it was State House (read Ernest Bai Koroma) that put the brakes on them thus giving the then minister enough time to remove from his residence any incriminating evidence he feared the police might use in his prosecution. In theory, the police need not have informed State House but politicking and bad governance have always seen State House putting its dirty fingers in the pie of the police. Recall what happened before police finally charged former Information Minister Alimamy Khazali in a ritual murder trial that transfixed the entire nation. He was among others convicted by the High Court and eventually executed by hanging.


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