''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Based on the findings the Panel proposes the following recommendations;

a. The Sierra Leone Police

1. The command structure involving the OSD and general police must be revisited to ensure that OSD commanders subject themselves fully to the command of the LUC in their division. They must also coordinate and collaborate their activities with the general operation of their division.

2. The human resource division of the Sierra Leone police should develop a monitoring mechanism to assess levels of communication among command personnel and speedily
address where gaps are identified.

3. Appointment of officers to occupy specific operational offices in the Sierra Leone Police should be commensurate to their ranks.

4. The levels of communication and coordination required between the AIG and the LUC of the Bo Police Division should be enhanced.

5. We recommend that the required monthly meetings of the AIG South and his team be held regularly for adequate information sharing and efficiency of operations in the

6. Existing policies and systems should be adhered to by the Bo Police.

7. The Cooperate service system in Freetown must be more effective and adopt rotational systems.

8. Current documentation and record keeping especially of the Amoury section in the Bo Police and the Police nationally should be overhauled and a more updated means be
introduced such as creating a national data base that could be monitored by senior security officers.

9. Provisions of logistical support especially for the day-to-day operations of the Bo Police Division.

10. Security sectors should not underestimate any political gathering within their area of operations.

11. The Police Force should be provided with opportunities for on the job professional training especially on crowd control.

12. To strengthen the oversight and monitoring mechanisms within the police to ensure effective implementation of acquired knowledge

13. The Bo Police Partnership Board should be revived with immediate effect.

14. Extra effort should be made to ensure the full protection of women in political processes.

15. The intelligence network of the Bo Police and the Office of National Security following the recent incident requires urgent attention.

16. Regular training is needed for the Police, on crowd control and maintaining public order.

17. The Police should embark on a confidence building drive to restore public trust and respect with immediate effect.

18. The Sierra Leone Police must provide security for all political party flag bearers.

19. The Sierra Leone Police force should establish regular confidence building activities with all political parties.

b. Political Parties

1. It is imperative that all political party offices serve only as secretariats with prescribed official working hours and should only serve the purpose of political activities and not as
dwelling of any sort.

2. Political parties should secure the services of the Sierra Leone Police to guard and protect their offices.

3. The use of unofficial body guards by political party stalwarts must be disbanded with immediate effect.

4. State security personnel should be utlised by all political party leaders and stakeholders

5. All political parties should organize civic education and skills training programs for their young men and young women supporters.

6. Political Parties should embark on civic educational activities with emphasis on non- violent, conflict prevention and political tolerance for their supporters.

7. Political parties should desist from breeding and encouraging thuggery within their party supporters.

8. There should be regular inter-party dialogue at national, regional and district level with the aim of promoting political tolerance.

9. No two Political Parties should hold a rally, process or converge on the same day within the same locality.

10. Political Party leaders are required to act and behave responsibly in the course of their political activities.

11. Political Party activists should not be provided with any cover be it political or otherwise when they fall foul of the law especially so when contravention of the law undermines
and threatens the peace and stability of the state.

12. Political Party leaders should be proactive in making public denouncement of political violence whenever such outbreak of violence occurs.

13. Political Party leaders and stalwarts must be held responsible for utterances or public statements that threaten the peace and security of the state.

c. Media

1. The media, especially the electronic media should as part of their moral responsibility be prepared to air pronouncements made by political party leaders denouncing violence.

2. Media houses should observe and respect media codes of ethics.

3. The Independent Media Commission (IMC) should improve on the monitoring and enforcement of the media codes of ethics.

4. Media houses should be held responsible for airing out or publishing commentaries that threaten peace and security.

5. Radio stations should immediately discontinue programs that threaten national peace and security.

6. Media houses especially Kiss 104 in Bo is encouraged to air out programs that promotes political tolerance and social cohesion.

7. The print media should ensure that advertorial and supplementaries are subject to thorough editing before publication to weed off inflammatory statements.

8. Media houses are encouraged to exercise their rights to freedom of expression in a responsible manner.

d. National Fire Force

1. There should be a coordinated joint forces intervention by the fire force and the police during incidents of fire.

2. Adequate equipment/logistics and incentives should be provided for the national fire force.

3. Immediate action must be taken to address the leadership vacuum in the Bo Fire Force.

e. District Security Committee (DISEC) / Provincial Security Committee (PROSEC)

1. Coordination of DISEC needs to be strengthened and members must be more proactive.

2. All security threats highlighted in DISEC meetings should be collectively handled by the security agencies.

3. DISEC/PROSEC must improve on their intelligence response.

f. Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC)

1. PPRC should be strengthened with adequate personnel, logistics and equipment to improve their effectiveness in monitoring the activities of Political Parties in all parts of the country.

2. PPRC should facilitate regular inter-party dialogue at the national, regional, district and chiefdom level.

3. The review of the legal framework should be completed within the shortest possible time.

4. Establish stronger collaboration with Civil Society and the Security Sector.

5. Establish stronger collaboration with the youth commission and relevant youth groups in promoting political tolerance and non-violence.

g. Civil Society

1. Civil Society Organizations should intensify their engagement in awareness raising activities that promote political tolerance.

2. Monitor the implementation of communiqués, recommendations from investigations and commissions of enquiry.

3. Civil Society Organizations should partner with media institutions to ensure objective reporting.

4. Youth Based organizations and other related NGO’s must engage in skills training and civic educational programs for youths especially political party supporters.

5. Youth organizations and related NGO’s programs must include anti drug campaigns in their activities.

6. Women’s organizations both at national and community levels must engage in a robust campaign to ensure the protection of women at all times.

7. Civil Society Organizations should play a public monitoring role for the media and Political Parties and make public these findings.

h.Inter –Religious Council Sierra Leone (IRC-SL)

1. Religious bodies should engage in civic education to promote political tolerance and non- violence.

I.General Public

1. Members of the public should desist from targeting women through assault or any other form of discrimination during political processes.

2. Members of the public must observe and respect the Rule of Law and law enforcement agencies such as the Sierra Leone Police; that is established to maintain
law and order and promote national peace.

3. The general public is encouraged to report all subversive activities especially those related to political violence.

I.General Recommendations

1. There shall be Moral Guarantors responsible for the full implementation of these recommendations. This body will comprise all Political Parties, the PPRC, National
Commission of Democracy (NCD), Human Rights Commission, and Campaign for Good Governance, Inter-Religious Council, Civil Society Movement and Sierra Leone
Association of Journalists. The Moral guarantors should be tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the timely and effective implementation of these recommendations.

2. We recommend a speedy and conclusive judicial process for all suspects identified in the investigation.

3. All communiqués signed by Political Parties at whatever level; and all previous reports especially the Shears Moses Commission of Enquiry, related to political violence
anywhere in the country should be made public and an implementation plan developed with immediate effect.

4. The National Commission for Democracy (NCD) must be well resourced to embark on a obust civic education drive with emphasis on political tolerance.

5. The Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC), the Office of National Security (ONS), the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) should be well equipped in terms
of their institutional and infrastructural setup in all their operational areas to enable them become more proactively functional.

6. The National Electoral Commission should revisit the Code of Election Campaign Ethics in consultation with PPRC and all political parties.

7. The Political Parties Registration Commission PPRC should revisit the Political Parties Code of Conduct.

8. We recommend that all Commission of Enquiries, Independent Investigation Panels/Committees must be adequately resourced with all necessary logistics/equipment to enable them perform their functions more efficiently and without undue constraints.

9. IRC-SL should guard Religious Leaders against using their platforms to promote partisan politics.

10. The panel recommends that further investigations be carried out regarding the alleged presence and activities of Musa Tarawally Minister of Internal Affairs on the 8th and 9th
September 2011.

11. With specific reference to the above recommendation adequate witness protection system should be established.


The report, in pdf format ends with pictures of the destruction to property of the ruling APC party, victims in hospital, SLPP Presidential flag bearer Rtd Brigadier Juilus Maada Bio with head wounds and others. So sorry we could not bring you those pictures, but we thought the report speaks volumes of the unacceptable high level of political intolerance and how the democratic process is being eroded in a country still trying to recover from a brutal war.

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