''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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So the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma Is this man an apologist for AFRC/RUF Mk 1has taken the action promised in his speech - that he would bring perpetrators to justice after the mayhem visited upon the SLPP offices as well as their supporters?

Of those charged to court on March 18, 2009 in the Year of Our Lord were 22 SLPP supporters on charges ranging from "riotous conduct" through "stoning" to "possession of offensive weapons and substances."Freetown Mayor Herbert George-Williams. What's wrong with you young man?

One notorious APC thug and outright lawless beast of no nation calling himself something Government Wharf was among those in court in a legal system that is now so manipulated by his kind in suit and passing off as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice that the whole court scenario is being seen as a circus. Watchers of the government and more especially Serry Kamal know that he is quite ready to wave his nolle prosequi card in the matter of the Government Wharf rat.

Another four charged with looting the SLPP offices could well face freedom soon as long as one man continues to be a member of the Legislature as well as of the Executive thereby making nonsense of the country's constitution aimed at the separation of the three arms of governance.

Now follow the sequence of events and see President Ernest Bai Koroma's personal involvement in the mayhem and brutalisation of the opposition.

The attacks on the SLPP office thought to have been orchestrated by ruling party cadres (oh yes we're back in the days of the back-slapping comrades) came on Friday 13th after the so-called Mayor George-Williams was reported to have led "celebrating" party faithful in a merry dance around the SLPP offices as part of the plan. That was on March 13.

While the mayhem was going on, the Vice President thought it fit to close down the two radio stations belonging to the party. With the present ease of global communication, one would not be wrong in assuming that he must have been given this go-ahead by the President himself who must have been constantly informed.

Now we go to March 15 - That was on a Sunday and it was on this day that it was reported that a "hale and hearty" President returned to Freetown late in the night and that he received a rousing welcome that can best be described only by the gbatolites.The base from which the APC wharf rat operates

Go to the next day March 16 - This time, it was operatives from State House itself who stormed the SLPP offices, brutalised any caught in their web, arrested those they can and showed the rather subservient and apologetic police what they should have done long time back!!!! This is a clear indication that the President himself is culpable and must be asked to account on the way he handled such a challenge.

The court action by the police raises many a question.

1. Where were the SLPP supporters picked up and were they the same who were holed up and in fear of their life and limb as state-supported terror reigned on their premises?

2. Are the four arrested looters the only ones caught carting away property from the SLPP offices?

3. Is the Government Wharf rat the only APC man who was seen to be committing unlawful acts?

4. What about police personnel who were caught on camera engaged in the stoning exercise?

5. What about those who prevented the Fire Force from putting out the fires at the SLPP offices?

6. Is the government and its various rabid vermin of supporters passing off as "journalists" unaware that many of its operatives had been caught on camera as they carried out acts that are reminiscent of their comrades-in-arms of AFRC/RUF Mark I?

Kindly take a look at the pictures below and help us identify the beast in black shown kicking and stamping on a victim on the ground even as the police stood by powerless.

Is he the killer who loved to shed blood so well that just to get any excuse to murder he kept on flitting from the AFRC to the RUF? Is he the same Leatherboot who was sent at tax payers expense to train somewhere abroad as a member of the President's so-called security unit?

There were many witnesses to that action as he brandished his pistol (tax payers purchase) and we want to hear from them.

His crimes? Opposing the government

Why this crowd around the SLPP office?

Inside the opposition party office - cowering inhabitants

Arrest tactics - President Koroma style

On this face a picture of fear, worry and uncertainty.

Is this the notorious murderer, rapist and President Koroma's protector?

And the police cannot even stop him. Why?

Lawlessness from State House itself

And as the victim lies unmoving, we ask - is he still alive?

Yearning for the mother country?

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