''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Saturday November 5, 2011 - As President Ernest Bai Koroma gets ready to meet his party supporters in London we would urge caution - that he tells his audience just what he has done, been doing to ensure that good governance, the rule of law, respect for human rights of all Sierra Leoneans is a priority of his administration. He is also advised to stop listening to what he wants to hear - praise, praise and even more praises that he has brought heaven on earth for all Sierra Leoneans. It is time for him to listen to his gut feelings and know that all is not well with the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans.President Koroma - time to listen to the real people of Sierra Leone

We offer this piece of advice free of charge, we offer it in the interest of all who mean well for the only country that we can call our very own - land that we love, our very own Sierra Leone. We know that Sierra Leoneans who are not perceived to be supporters of the ruling APC party will be prevented from attending anything that has to do with the Pa, the President that is, because their mindset will always see such an event as a political rally, never mind such rallies banned by the police in Sierra Leone, reserved for party members. And if we know them well as occurred during one-party rule, they will be fighting amongst themselves as to who should get the eyes/ears and whatever sensory organ of the President that puts them in favour.

Our piece of advice is that he learns from the mistakes of others who occupied the top seat in the land - mistakes made by former rulers Kabbah, Momoh, Siaka Stevens and Albert Margai when they stopped listening to the still voice telling them all is not well in the land and instead, like Colonel Khaddafi of Libya divorced themselves from reality, only listening to what is pleasing to their ears.

There are many things that have to be done to regain the trust of the people Mr President. Kindly go through the APC manifesto and you will notice that from day one - you have been on the wrong footing. Why did you make Cabinet ministers of MP's? Why have you failed to separate the Office of the Attorney-General from that of the Minister of Justice? Why have you continued to make yourself an apologist for all those who wrecked our country in terms of the economy, the rule of law and good governance?

Why do you continue to associate with known beasts of no nation, known by everyone during our dark days - people who raped, looted and murdered hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and left millions traumatised and even more displaced?

Why, Mr President, why?

...and most of all in your quiet moments remember that when it comes to the crunch, it is you as head of this present government that will carry the most blame. Look around you and see those who were out of the country fending for themselves in whatever area they can in lands far, far away and think - why did they come back?

If you think it is love for the country or a desire to serve you well, you would be advised to read the Government White Paper of the NPRC and see how these new "converts" brought President Joseph Saidu Momoh's government into disrepute and why when he was overthrown, the people rejoiced.

Think Mr President think well and rip off the magician's mask. Face reality as it is seen on the faces of the unconnected and under-privileged at home in Sierra Leone. Remember - you are not the President of the APC party, you are the President of Sierra Leone and hence must be held accountable to all Sierra Leoneans.

In all your political moves so far, you appear bent on rewarding those who were found wanting by the NPRC Commissions as well as the collective judgement of all those who suffered under previous APC regimes.

Why, despite evidence showing just how corrupt former Foreign Minister Abdul K. Koroma had been, a man who called himself Abdel instead of Abdul on a Ministry of Foreign Affairs letterhead to make an illegal deal ended up as an envoy for our country? Was this to spite right-thinking Sierra Leoneans?

Why did you appoint as the country's envoy to an important post like the European Union the former Central Bank Governor during junta rule one Dr Christian Kargbo - a man under whose direction the bank was looted clean? Was this to spite the people of Sierra Leone?Recognise them? They were there when the SLPP headquarters were attacked in Freetown

Think Mr President think...and think well. Are you now trapped by the former AFRC/RUF rebels who now constitute your so-called close protection unit?

Are you scared, afraid that should you make one false step which displeases them - you are in for the high jump?

Allow us to remind you of what happened during junta rule when meetings were being held to restore democracy after the ouster of the Tejan Kabbah administration in 1997.

President Lansana Conte, a military general and head of state of neighbouring Guinea sent a helicopter to pick up the head of the AFRC/RUF junta for what President Conte believed was a crucial meeting aimed at resolving the impasse in Sierra Leone.

As you well know - the helicopter went back to Conakry without Johnny Paul Koroma on board - something which was considered not only improper, impudent and disrespectful but which generated more international isolation of the junta.

The simple and real reason was that Johnny Paul Koroma was prevented from leaving the country by the RUF section of his junta who suspected that it was a ploy to spring him out of the country in preparation for a military onslaught on the junta.

If you have been caught in a similar situation and hence cannot now come out with a Government White Paper on the Shears-Moses report of political violence in Sierra Leone in March 2009 - this is your opportunity to have close talks with the UK authorities to free you from the trap into which you have woven for yourself.

Those AFRC/RUF killers and rapists have not shown any remorse for their past actions and you are well advised to act accordingly.

As you know this is a part of the recommendation of the Shears-Moses report: -


2. We recommend that steps be taken for those responsible for the acts of violence in Freetown and Gendema to be relieved of their responsibilities and barred from holding any public office for a period of at least 5 (five) years.

The Mayor of Freetown, Herbert George-Williams and the Resident Minister South Musa Tarawallie are being specifically mentioned.

4. Members of the security forces who have betrayed the trust put on them to protect the citizens, and found to be unprofessional in their activities, or support violence, should be dismissed from their employment to serve as a deterrent to others in future.

In this regard we specifically indicate Mohamed Turay (Yete Yete), Idrissa Kamara (Leatherboot)


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