''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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This is the website message of OGI Director Khadija Sesay - who believes that the best way to connect the government with the people is through her many travels overseas "to link up with the diaspora" thus largely abandoning the people within the borders of Sierra Leone who want many questions answered on government activities. And her visit is more often than not timed just as President Ernest Bai Koroma visits.

This message, we have to stress, is as it is on the OGI website. No editing of content...nothing...just as it is.



The Director's Message Khadija Sesay on OGI (APC) mission - Photo: Nazi outlet

In leadership, if you were to ask a typical manager to prepare sittings for five hundred guests, he will naturally bring you exactly five hundred chairs. On the other hand, if you make a similar request of a leader, he will bring you five hundred and five chairs at least. The point is leaders think outside of the box; they take responsibility and use their initiative when they are faced with difficult tasks unlike managers who only take instruction regardless of how that instruction translates into resolving the previously unseen problems on the ground.

Today, we have a leader in the person of President Ernest Bai Koroma who dreams big - who is a visionary. He dreams of big stuffs, he himself mostly does not necessarily know how to go about doing. But he has surrounded himself with capable team players who listen very well and make leadership decisions.

In his inaugural speech, he made a pronouncement that we have bad attitude problem that needs to be redressed if we must improve our socioeconomic status as a nation. who was the then, Hon. Alpha Kanu and Hon. IB Kargbo were listening. With that piece of information from his speech, today, we have an institution called the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) with the mandate of the reorientation of the mind-set of all citizens of Sierra Leone to do the right things. In is first inaugural speech upon becoming the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the President expressed his desire to engage the Sierra Leone diaspora in nation building out of which the Office of Diaspora at State House was borne.

During his Bumbuna Presidential retreat, he made another pronouncement that his administration would be accountable and transparent. Again, the Presidential and Public Affairs by then and the Information and Communication ministers were listening. Today, out of the president's vision, we have the Open Government Initiative (OGI).

Simply, the Open Government Initiative is a presidential vision that is aimed at promoting and supporting effective governance through efficient free-flow of information between government and the people. Our job, therefore, is to facilitate and coordinate an open dialogue between the Government and the people through town hall meetings and other E-means such as this website to enable direct citizens' contribution to national policy formulation and implementation for the overall socio-economic progress of Sierra Leone.

The gist of this discussion is if information is the oxygen of democracy and democracy is the foundation of socioeconomic growth, then, all of these changes combined will help with showcasing favourable outlooks of our country aimed at national image re-branding, thereby attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), supporting local investment and attracting tourism as the engines in the building of an improved and sustainable socioeconomic nation.

I hope you will find this website an informative and exciting channel through which information flows between the Government of Sierra Leone and you. I thank you for visiting.

Khadija Sesay

OGI Drector

The motto of OGI on its website describes the organisation as "Partners for Information Free-flow " and this we observe is far very far from the truth as Khadija Sesay has consistently refused to respond to emails related to her activities. Since the Sierra Herald started asking questions, the Nazi propaganda outlets have stopped their flow on Khadija Sesay's visit to Europe, the United States and wherever the President goes.

Strange, very very strange!!!!!

Please find below the links to a number of internet articles on Khadija Sesay and the Open Government Initiative, the OGI.

It is interesting to note too that though OGI is supposed to be a very neutral non-political organisation, all the meetings abroad are dominated by ruling party (APC) operatives who use the occasion for APC party business and publicity while partying at the expense of the people.



A search through our pages also show one Khadija Sesay writing a number of anti-SLPP and pro-APC articles.

If the author of these articles is the same as the OGI Director and we strongly believe it was her, then she should be the subject of not only a performance inquiry but an Anti Corruption Commission investigation.

And even before the ACC steps in, she should resign as these articles show just how unfit she is for such an important nation-building, non-political and open governance post.


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