''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Sunday November 27, 2011 - Another good and great Sunday is upon us - a day when members of the Christian faith meet in places of worship to give thanks to their Maker for all His mercies and to sing his praises loud and clearly for all to know and acknowledge that He is the true God, the Almighty and Omnipotent. It should also be a time for professing Christians to promise the Almighty that they will move away from their sinful inclinations and repent asking for forgiveness for past evil deeds, sins.President Ernest Bai Koroma - has he abandoned his own manifesto?

And so it is with renewed vigour and spirit that we again ask the high priest at the altar dedicated to the worship of his god ernest bai koroma to enlighten us using his usual cut and paste method to do a "sermon" on the theme - Gluttony is a sin - never mind in his own words he had admitted that he finds himself and food, large and nauseating quantities, we would imagine, quite inseparable. Never mind, o satanic, congosah, broke-ose, lie-londo and "udat call you pan hog money" priest at the altar of deceit, profanities and all manner of falsehood dedicated to your god. Just do this and then we can go on to the Commandment in the Holy Book that warns of the perils of telling lies, sticking to those lies while all the time professing to be a "pastor" of sorts. We have written statements by you indicating just how grateful you are and will always be to your god ernest, but we think and believe that you have now stepped out of line, you have crossed the line in your spirited, but hollow defence of your god and his party as well as those who serve in your "clean" and "incorruptible" government. AFRC/RUF Mk2 as vicious and human-rights uncaring as its predecessor led by Johnny Paul Koroma.

You have committed the ultimate in declaring a fellow Sierra Leonean, one Sorious Samura, an international television reporter of no mean standing as "an enemy of the state". That phrase in a nutshell says it all. That in your blind hate for all those you perceive as critics of your god and his minions like yourself, they should be hanged, quartered and drawn because of their stance on certain issues. That is not the thought process of a "pastor", a true man of the cloth and as we had stated earlier, it is your type that past governments of the APC relied upon to swear on oath, false and concocted stories about people Siaka Stevens and his gang wanted to send to the gallows during those dark days of our country's history.

Let us also remind you that one of the hustlers caught in that sting operation, one Alex Mansaray is your close associate, a man you have been praising to high heavens. Remember when he was criticised over how his "company" got the contract for the supply of rice for the army? You wrote this on January 8, 2009 -

"Mr. Alex Mansaray, former Chairman of the All People's Congress ( APC )North America  and member of the Cocorioko Board , today called on  Sierra Leoneans not to treat with any Seriousness some of the things  they read in some daily newspapers in Freetown and online . Mr. Mansaray lamented that an era has come in Sierra Leone when the reputation of innocent citizens hang on the whim of "irresponsible and brown-envelope seeking  journalists, who for a mere  $ 200  can write any damaging stories  you want against your  enemy ". What is the link between this logging company operating in Sierra Leone and Vice President Sam Sumana?

There was also a by-line in an "article" on another of the "junta-friendly" outlets which stated - "Commentary By Foday Mansaray , Chairman of the Board of Cocorioko online newspaper, New Jersey, USA."

We say no more knowing that in the fullness of time, Sierra Leoneans will know how much you are getting from the corruption in Freetown as well as the mission in New York.

Satanic priest - you have crossed the line and we do hope that Sierra Leoneans and all those who love Sierra Leone, the international community as well as our donor partners would note what effectively is a death sentence that you, in your blind support for your god because he puts food on your miserable table, have passed on a fellow Sierra Leonean.

You have crossed the line. There are no two ways about it.

Allow us to also remind you that your last "sermon" is dated 28th October? This is November drawing to a close....or have you given up your claims to "Rev"....your name...and the "Esq" at the end of your name when you claimed to have done a degree in Law at London University?

Which would conveniently bring us to the next question...

If, as we have seen in that worthy and professionally executed documentary done by Sorious Samura that this is what obtains when a businessman wants to invest in Sierra Leone,

then all this talk about encouraging investors is not what it appears to be - a clean and friendly, no-nonsense way to process papers. Why should people close to the Vice President demand money from potential investors?

We would also like to remind you - o satanic pastor about how the index on doing business was obtained with the researchers relying on what they were told by those in charge. This now appears a far cry from what the indexers were told.

That deep within the corridors of political authority is a reeking cesspit of corruption and mismanagement on which feeds politicians and their hangers-on like you o satanic priest.

Why should the potential investor be encouraged to "see" political leaders like the Vice President before getting about the setting up of a business?

How many such cases have we had in the past - unrecorded and for which dirty money changed hands?

How many such cases have we had and continue to have in Sierra Leone that have gone unreported?

This goes all the way to State House, the office of the smoke and mirrors President, the god of the satanic pastor and to ask similar questions.

What amount is charged by persons close to him should potential investors want to have an appointment to hold discussions with him?

What happens to such monies so collected?

Why should potential investors enjoy political patronage if investment processes were so clean and above board?

Is this the way "re-branding Sierra Leone" has become?

Can we kindly know just how much "on the side" the satanic priest has been making just by using his claims of having a close link to his god at the shrine of falsehood, profanities, deceit and the awful horror that passes for a government in Sierra Leone?

Is this the reason why despite, legislation on taxes to be paid into state coffers, mining companies close to State House pay less?

What amount goes into private bank accounts of state operatives because of this "illegal favour"

The people of Sierra Leone and friends of the country would need to know all these things.


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