''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 2

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Sunday January 22, 2012

Another Sunday and yet another day to heed the words of the Lord and His disciples as written in the Good Book, the Bible.Ernest Bai Koroma - the new face of terror in Sierra Leone

It is also a time for Christians and those who would want to be associated with this faith to take a sober self-assessment of their comportment and how they are perceived by members of the faith, people of other faiths, the community in which they live, the country that they call home and by extension even by those they have never met or seen in the flesh.

Have they been behaving in a manner that would convince others that they are true Christians, obeying God's Commandments?

Have they obeyed the Commandment that forbids them from being false witnesses to please the "paws" that feed them?

We are asking these and many more questions relating to the Christian faith because of events in the recent past that could well spell an omen of evil for all those who believe that they can invoke the name of God while engaged in evil acts.

It was the smoke and mirrors President who sometime last week told the nation that he, yes, he - President Ernest Bai Koroma - PhD, DSc, MSq, PPQ, B.A. (FBC - let my people go) etc etc who declared a week of prayer. This is the second time he is asking for the hand of the God to interfere in the welfare of the state and when he did it the first time, we warned him of the dangers of trying to make a mockery of the name of God. You just cannot use God's name in an exercise which you do not believe in but merely parrot things for the hearing and eye-seeing of men.

Let us explain - You cannot on one hand ask God to make Sierra Leone a paradise while at the same time engaged in all that is making Sierra Leone a hell for a majority of the people.

You cannot ask God to restore Sierra Leone's fortunes while at the same time encouraging the massive thieving of the country's money and selling off the country's natural resources to the highest corrupt bidder that oils your bank accounts.

You cannot ask for God's intervention while dancing with the devil and obeying the commands of the devil's representatives in Sierra Leone - the marabouts, sorcerers, etc etc.

God is not mocked.

When he tried it out the last time and called for a week of prayer and fasting - this was our observation.

We again reminded him of the antics of one Johnny Paul Koroma when, after the deliberate massacre of the people of Mabaylla in the east of the capital on the night of Wednesday September 3, 1997, he took upon himself to say a prayer which he delivered at the national stadium. This was what he said and we would advise one of his greatest admirers - President Ernest Bai Koroma to go through his words and link that with the fate of Johnny Paul Koroma - be he alive or dead.

Father we thank you, Father we bless you. Father we ask you to look kindly upon this nation. Look at your people. They are destroyed. They are in deep distress. They are deprived; but with you near us with your angels guarding us Lord, yes we have lost, but we know you will sustain us, and you will give us.We seek peace, dear God. Yes, the peace that cometh from you, not the peace of the world. But the peace that passeth all understanding, the peace of God.O dear Lord Jesus our Lord, I re-dedicate this week as a praise and worship week. I know we are at war against the devil, but the devil can never win. The devil was defeated at Calvary. Calvary brought us peace, that is the peace we shall enjoy in this nation.

God is not mocked.

Let us again draw the attention of the President and his cabal who would just love to play on the religious beliefs of Sierra Leonean life; on the God-fearing Sierra Leonean. This passage should serve as a warning about taking the name of the Lord in vain.

Spiritual Deception

Another, very common and serious, way in which Christians frequently lie is by exaggerating, or even inventing, spiritual guidance, Divine blessings and pretending a deeper walk with the Lord than is real. This also includes taking the Lord’s Name in vain. Frequently Christians will speak about: “The Lord told me…” and “the Lord told me to tell you…” or “I am still praying about it…” Much of what passes for testimonies, praise, worship and intercession in numerous fellowships is actually a breach of the Third and Ninth Commandments.

Again, we would want to bring to the attention of the President and his band of uncaring, deceitful and thieving cabal of what happens when attempts are made to use religion as a cover for acts that go against the dictates of the Bible.

We would urge them to ask around and be educated about the aftermath of the Bonke crusade held at the national stadium in Freetown when a people tried, tired, long-suffering and exhausted prayed for a miracle that would free them from the paws and talons of the then uncaring and corrupt cabal that was bleeding the country, stealing everything that came within its grasp and even going as far as to mortgage the country in wretched deals the beneficiaries of which were party members, relations and friends.

We would again urge the President to re-read the pages of the Commissions of Inquiry that were held after the APC was booted out in 1992 - a move by the military that was largely welcomed and supported by the suffering masses as they celebrated a new sense of liberation.

We have been following reports of the violence in Frobay in the east of the capital Freetown as well as seeing pictures, some just too horrific and bloody - of those affected.

We join all those who condemn such violence in all its forms and here we would offer a word of caution again to the many, many "journalists", script writers etc etc especially those we had always referred to as the internet flying toilets who are just as ready and willing to hurl abuse, denigration and outright falsehood on all perceived "enemies of the state"

Be careful - be very careful lest you be a part of a government machinery which believes that it holds all the cards and knows everything about the health and wellbeing of perceived opponents. If the head of the police, one Francis Munu takes upon himself the duty and expertise of a medical practitioner, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner -  kindly do not join him - for when the time of reckoning comes, we would hate to see your scripts used as evidence as you being a part of a joint enterprise.

Kindly ask those who were around at the time - about how the law was compromised in favour of an eager government hell-bent on executing its perceived enemies; ask those around how their protestations were cast aside as they tried to show the burn marks on their clients bodies when they appeared in court; please ask the hangmen or those who witnessed the executions at Pademba Road about the number of people who went to the gallows sick and unwell but were nonetheless approved as "fit to hang".

And another reminder - the removal of saline and other life-sustaining fluids from the bodies of students and their perceived supporters as they received treatment at hospitals and medical outlets during the 1997 student protests.

Recall that the man who removed what we call "drip" from these perceived "enemies of the state" because they dared protest against the repressive rule of Siaka Stevens was himself - a doctor.

Kindly recall that the Nazis did have their own doctors and what happened in the end is a source of regret and shame to many in the medical profession. They were tried in Nuremberg after the Second World War.


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