''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 9 No 2

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Tuesday November 22, 2011 - As election day 2012 draws closer, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict Margot Wallstrom has called on "all people in positions of influence" in Sierra Leone to speak up against the use of sexual violence as a tool of political intimidation. UN Rep on Sexual Violence in Conflict Margot Wallstrom. Has a message for all in Sierra Leone

The visit of this top official who is leading the crusade against sexual violence could not have come at a more appropriate time in a country that has the rather shameful and dubious record of having, because of extreme sexual violence against women, exercised the international community to make rape as a war crime. It is to be noted too that the phrase "all people in positions of influence" refers to all political leaders, community leaders and all in leadership positions who influence and can order such acts to be carried out against the weak and defenceless in a country still trying to recover from the horrors of the past. It also refers to all those in law enforcement agencies and the courts who turn a blind eye to such atrocities as well as those in authority who refuse to take action against alleged violators.

This visit must also be seen by the government led by the smoke and mirrors President who keeps in his company men associated with the horrors of the past including the brutal and massive rape of women and all those who came in their paths as they sought to satisfy sexual urges/orgies that could not even be seen in the most bizarre behavioural tendencies of wild beasts, that the international community is keeping a close eye on their tendency to initiate and order violence against the weak. It is also welcoming news to hear that Ms Wallstrom took the time to visit victims of gender violence as well as a number of people associated with the law in Sierra Leone as she noted that "Additional resources are also required to strengthen the capacity of the judicial system in order to address the issue of sexual violence."

This visit as well as the statement issued by the UN on her visit coupled with her meeting with the press is a reminder of the duty we all owe to the weak and defenceless and that every effort must be made to respect the rights of our women and girl folk as well as men and boy folk who are easy targets for rapists and other types of this same breed of animals in human form.

It is to be recalled that after Justice Bankole Thompson submitted his report on the allegations of violence including those of a sexual nature against women supporters of the main opposition Sierra Leone People's Party, the SLPP, the then Press Secretary who is now the Deputy Information minister published a dangerous and misleading headline - SLPP rape claims were a big hoax, says Bankole Thompson Commission   - a report that he expunged from their usual internet distribution channels, but which we had downloaded and reproduced to show just how deceitful the government goes about with the "management" of information. The good judge and his team knew quite well that without the necessary forensic tools at the disposal of law enforcement agencies as well as the health ministry, he would be kicking against the thorn bush and putting his good name and reputation at risk had he stated emphatically that the women who complained of being raped were actually raped, but he did mention in his report that -

"...we also conclude that the said victims were each subjected to physical mistreatment amounting to outrages upon their personal dignity or other inhumane conduct in violation of their human rights protection."


Tuesday November 22, 2011 - Libya could try Saif Islam Khaddafi if...and it's a big if even though the ICC prosecutor Jose Luis Moreno Ocampo appears to have given the go-ahead for Libya to try the son of the former strongman who ruled his country for more than four decades. ICC prosecutor Ocampo - has he spoken out of turn on Saif's case?Smoke and Mirrors President who refuses to sanction cronies implicated in political violence.

The UK-based Guardian newspaper has reported that although the ICC based in the Hague has indicted Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for crimes against humanity, the international court would not mind him be tried by a Libyan court "as long as the trial complied with ICC standards".

We fear that this is not good enough, for even though the ICC prosecutor made it clear that the Hague court could only insist that it be the trial ground should there appear to be in Libya, no appropriate court willing and equipped to try him according to international standards, it would appear that Saif could well find himself in a position where he could be executed by a Libyan court which has on its books - the death penalty. The ICC does not sentence people to death, hence the worst fate that Saif would face would be a long, long term in prison, including life, if he is found guilty of the crimes that would be hurled against him.

Sierra Leoneans would recall that our country set up a hybrid court to try those deemed to be most responsible for the outrages during the country's troubles even though we had what appears to be a legal system in place - a legal system that was thought to be skewed and still had the death penalty and would have been biased, given the passion and emotions of victims, hence a somewhat neutral court of the nature of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneans would also recall the pledge made by President Koroma himself that the ICC is being put on alert as the country prepares for the 2012 elections. And just before that, he too should be reminded that the ICC can step in if, in the opinion of right-thinking people, his government is seen to be unable and unwilling to try people engaged in acts that could be categorised as crimes against humanity.


Sunday November 20, 2011 - Another Sunday - a day when good Christian men and women dedicate themselves anew to the worship of the one and only true God. It is a day of reflection too when either alone in prayer or in the company of other members of the faith, the rules governing good Christian behaviour are studied and where the true Christian is found wanting, would endeavour to make good for failing to do those things that they ought to have done.

And so it is in this vein, that we once more call on the high priest on the altar of profanities, sewer language and sheer lack of respect for culture, women and all things decent to give the public, those who read his "sermons" to dilate on the topic "Gluttony is a sin" and that he would bring out all the ramifications and traps inherent in not been able to control one's insatiable appetite not only for food, but for sexually explicit innuendoes and the concoction of such material that satiates his unfulfilled desires forgetting that same lurid and desperate inner lurid core only found in the sow in heat and in his case - of the truly obese type.President Ernest Bai Koroma - has he abandoned his own manifesto?

And so today we would advise that the "congosah, broke ose en lie nafiki" updates his "cut and paste" sermons and work on the theme - do you serve God or mammon? We raise this issue because it is against Christian principles, as we know it, to worship man because he provides bread for your table while abandoning God or merely paying lip service to the faith. As Christians, it is our duty to tell the truth, call things by their real names or forget about professing to be a "pastor" if you cannot tell a mere mortal like Ernest Bai Koroma what is right and what is wrong. There are no two ways about it. Here's what one Christian has written on the internet

Sunday November 20, 2011 - The government is exposed once again - too economical with the truth as respected journal Africa Confidential lays bare the failure of the government to combat corruption. And this is a President who has vowed that he would have "zero tolerance" for corruption - what was he thinking about? And even more strangely since we came out with our piece on the SDR, there has been no flying toilets aimed in our direction. Finance Minister Samura - why is he not telling the people the truth about the economy, that it is unhealthy...

And very unusual too, that since the Africa Confidential report (Volume 53 Number 23) was made known, the usual brigade of deceit, lies, more lies and damned lies has not been blowing far and wide in the charge to hoodwink and deny the report. Strange indeed for at a time like this, one would have expected the usual denials overflowing on the numerous websites hosted by the APC "stalwart" who was nowhere to be seen when things were really rough and tough for the APC party after they were kicked out in the April 1992 by their own boys who could only get in the army with the approval of party bigwigs, their wives and concubines - a time when only the likes of Eddie Turay, now envoy to the UK could dare raise his head above the parapets. Such was the heat brought on by the NPRC after risking their lives to take out the 24-year suppression of the APC.

We have stated before now and will state it again for the records - under President Ernest Bai Koroma, the levels of corruption, political intolerance and mal-governance have risen to such unbelievable heights as to make the former government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah look like a battalion of angels engaged in the good fight. And not that they were that clean either. Is this the reason why the Ernest Bai Koroma government, on taking power and making all manner of noise about investigating the outgoing SLPP government came out with - nothing, a big fat nothing being fully aware that they of the APC would be creating another hell on earth for Sierra Leoneans?

The Africa Confidential report brought out a number of issues relating to how the country is being taken to the cleaners

"Britain’s Department for International Development, a key bilateral donor and a major supporter of the ACC, was unhappy with its new direction, we hear. When DfID officials pushed to have Allieu Sesay, the suspended Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority, prosecuted for misuse of donor funds, Freetown complained to London." If indeed DfID has taken this line of action, why has the government reaction not made available to the public?

and also this

"The President set up an Investigative Panel under the respected journalist Kelvin Lewis. It blamed APC youths for starting the violence, the SLPP for the arson attacks and the OSD for indiscriminate shooting. Unusually, Koroma promptly had the Attorney General and Justice Minister, Frank Kargbo, order the arrest of most of the 33 people named by the Panel, including SLPP member of parliament Foday Rado Yokie. Neither the key APC activist believed to be behind the stone-throwing, ex-combatant Mohamed Conteh aka ‘Bomblast’, nor the three OSD men named were detained. The OSD has a growing role and reputation for violence."

Even more worrying is another report by Africa Confidential relating to obligations to the International Monetary Fund, the IMF (Volume 52 Number 10) which stated

"... The country should pay $5.3 million this year alone. The petrol subsidy cut was meant to finance the government's external debt obligations, not party dues. The government tied itself in knots over the fuel price. It attempted to camouflage the increase by cutting the subsidy at the same time as replacing imperial measures with the metric system."

Can we get the details of that SDR allocation please? We were made to believe that after the President rang some bell somewhere in the United States, the world economy actually blossomed with Sierra Leone leading the world in a new economic bliss. Kindly let us know the circumstances behind that SDR offer. Please....

Saturday November 19, 2011 - The long road to justice...oh this thing called justice. Saif Islam, the man who would have taken over the "kingdom of Khaddafi", Libya that is, captured inside Libya and like his father was caught trying to sneak out of the country despite his boast that he would rather die in Libya fighting for his "saifdom" rather that allow the "rats and cockroaches" to wrest the country from the grip of his father and family members.Saif Islam - his eyes - are they of defiance or raw fear?

It was somehow poignant to see on world television outlets a defiant Saif Islam, the heir apparent to the Khaddafi "throne" giving his three alternatives when it came to the fight for his throne, at the time occupied by his father. In all three options, Saif was seen boasting that he would rather die in Libya than give up power to those "rats and cockroaches", his own people as described by his father. And as it is with all mouthy and unprincipled people, when the time came, he, like his father tried to escape his encircling hunters and was captured.

TV pictures and other reports from credible international outlets like the BBC showed the former LSE graduate displaying three bandaged fingers which, according to reports, he attributed to wounds sustained in a NATO bombing mission.

Wanted by the International Criminal Court, the ICC, one recent report suggested that he, Islam does not respect such a court. It that report is to be relied on, then Saif could effectively have sealed his own fate and by his own lips...if that was what he really stated. Whatever the outcome of any ICC trial, Saif could have one sure thing on his side - he would not be condemned to death by the ICC, the worst would have been a life sentence in prison.

If he spurns the ICC, then given all the allegations against him and his father as well as close circles, he could face a far gruesome fate - execution by hanging in a Libyan prison - the same that greeted the former Iraqi leader, one Saddam Hussain.

It is remarkable, if not unbelievable to see the signs of bravado displayed by certain elements associated with human rights abusers. They would rain fire and brimstone on their accusers vowing to stay put even unto death - but when the crucial time comes, would, like a rat try to scurry to safety using any available tunnel or hole which they believe would provide protection.

Remember Alieu Kamara of AFRC/RUF fame? He was also known as "territorial integrity", a spokesman for the AFRC/RUF who stated that he and his men/women were willing to shed their last drop of blood in the defence of their unrecognised and brutal human rights-abusing government. But when the crunch came, he was grateful to ECOMOG for rescuing him from the hands of vengeful residents who knew the role he played in the massive brutality and repression meted out to unarmed and defenceless civilians. He was another AFRC operative rewarded by the smoke and mirrors man at State House who believes, given his action since taking power, his mission should be kicking in the teeth all those who suffered from the AFRC/RUF brutality.

Human Rights Watch has requested, in a statement issued on November 19, 2011, that Saif Islam be treated in accordance with international law and that he is handed over to the International Criminal Court, the ICC.

Saturday November 19, 2011

World Toilet Day - the 10th anniversary is upon us. What is being done in the mother country for people to have access to toilets and water sanitation? Is there a programme for the capital Freetown to safely get rid of human waste? What is the way forward?

Today, Saturday November 19th marks the tenth anniversary of a topic many would rather shy away from, but which in reality affects billions of people worldwide. So we need to talk about sanitation and what the government is doing about it as we observe buildings of every description rising to the skies in our one and only country, Sierra Leone. But are these structures fit for purpose when it comes to the provision of the basic expression of human want - wanting to use the toilet? We doubt this very much and would urge planners in the ministries of land and housing (or whatever nomenclature they have now) to work with their counterparts in the ministry of health with a view to ensuring that those buildings along Kissy Road, Fourah Bay Road and the numerous way lanes and by-lanes holding hundreds of thousands of people in the city alone do have facilities for the safe disposal of human waste.President Koroma - what plans has he got for sanitation and safe water management?

Let us remind you of a somewhat tongue-in-cheek report done by the BBC's Mark Doyle when he visited Freetown soon after the Ernest Bai Koroma team took over the reins of government. The topic was about toilets not flushing and the new government's promise to flush away corruption.

"I was incredulous - no water in the ministerial bathroom! My journalistic antennae had sniffed something - and I decided to overcome my natural embarrassment. "Could we," I tentatively asked, "have a look?" So in we went to the ministerial toilet. It was true. It didn't flush because there was no water in the pipes."

That could have worked at the time, but if the ministerial toilet worked, there was another not so far away that needed repairs "So if you are reading this, Madame Minister, it is my duty to report to you that there is at least one other toilet, not far from your office, that does not flush at all."

Which leads to the next and more serious topic. When the toilets do work and flush such human waste down those tubes, where does the effluent end up? Is there a system for processing the human waste flushed down by those working toilets? We doubt it - and we would urge the internet flying toilets who hurl abuse and invectives laced with liberal portions of concocted stories to visit the empire of one Foday Government Wharf so they can see the amount of raw human waste that gets poured directly in waters of the city coastline. And it is not a pretty sight. No government, from the 24 years of APC tyranny to the present including that of the SLPP, has ever thought it important enough to address the issue of treating human waste. The Italian ministry for international development has also noted, among others  -

"Water sanitation is worrying: the sewage network in the capital is mainly made up of open flumes, which produce odours and further, the proliferation of mosquitoes, insects, rats and related diseases; the rivers and creeks are used indiscriminately for waste water discharge, garbage dumping, cloth washing and people bathing. The same happens in the countryside. There are no waste water treatment plants: all the sewages discharge directly into the rivers and the sea. There are no landfills for solid urban waste. In Freetown, people are stacking all the garbage and waste along the streets; this will then be removed manually and loaded on trucks to be either buried in the ground or burned in countryside areas.

Just before you leave this page kindly take a look at this report on the Water Supply and Sanitation Policy for Sierra Leone prepared by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. This should provide food for thought with the hope that it would not provide new avenues for robbing the people using more dubious contracts.

Friday November 18, 2011 - Are we missing something? What about the "good news" as proclaimed by the government of the one and only APC party, the offer of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) which according to government agents, means that all is well with the economy and that the management of our economy has never been so expertly handled, so professionally managed by so patriotic a personnel put in charge of our fiscal and monetary policies?The Governor who signed this note Sam Bangura was murderedSmoke and Mirrors President and the disappearing currency value

There appeared quite recently an article in one of the pro-APC (meaning pro-Ernest Bai Koroma) outlets that the International Development Association and we are told" which is a wing of the World Bank" offering 16, 700, 000 SDR units to Sierra Leone. According to Pasco Temple who we understand is the "new Press Attache" that this offer shows  just how well-managed our economy continues to be and so we have been rated "high in its ranking for the country’s sober and operative fiscal control policy".

This despite the examples of financial impropriety discovered by auditors when they went through the books of our overseas missions. And by the way lest the toilets start flying in our direction, please be advised that Pasco was the only one of all those who applied for the job of Press Attache and who went through the Public Service Commission and was passed fit for the job in terms of qualifications, experience and dare we add sobriety? Yes we can safely and without hesitation say yes - he is a sober man and worthy of his appointment. As for the others - well they performed so badly that the matter had to be laid on the table of the President who used his executive pen to recommend them. So do not be disturbed or perturbed when these other "Press Attache" take upon themselves to scrawl/scribble all manner of "articles" on the internet that damn, curse and abuse all those perceived as critics of the government. Just as you have in the Police, members who would never have even been invited for an interview, much more get to PTS, Hastings when law and order as well as respect for procedures were elements of good governance then, so it is with the magician's appointments and it comes as no surprise that some of his envoys have been "re-branding Sierra Leone" in such a disgraceful and scandalous fashion.

But back to the point of the SDR. Every time we hear of SDR, we get worried, very worried because our memory goes back to the time when one Christian Alusine Kamara-Taylor (C.A.) was Finance Minister and one Siaka Stevens was President. When the government wanted to introduce the SDR regimen in Sierra Leone at a time when our national currency the Leone appeared to be in freefall, the excuse given then was that "now that we are a fully independent and sovereign state, we no longer have to get our own money pegged to a foreign currency of the colonial masters." The true reason for accepting IMF intervention was never revealed nor were Sierra Leoneans told just what this would mean in terms of the devaluation of the national currency, the Leone.

And today, close to some four decades later, from out of the blue, we see a similar pattern of deceit emerging. Has the government really signed up to the offer? Did it have a choice? What does this mean in terms of inflation and how is this new arrangement going to affect the ordinary Sierra  Leonean?

Kindly recall that last year, 2010 on the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Bank of Sierra Leone in 1964, we brought you this article on the travails of that institution.


Sunday November 6, 2011 - Another Sunday - a day that good Christians look forward to every week for the opportunity to meet with fellow members of the faith and to worship and give praise to the Good Lord for His enduring mercies. It is also a time to reflect on on how much we have done in a truly Christian way as befits the calling and in all this be it in a church or any other place of worship should be an elder, a pastor whose duty it is to lead by example. The day is also being celebrated as Eid Ul Adha and we wish all our compatriots of the muslim faith all the good things in life that they would wish for themselves and others. We say Happy Eid Ul Adha!!!

As we have done in the recent past, we would continue to urge the high priest at the special altar of falsehood, deceit, moral turpitude, sewer language, profanities and sexually-explicit innuendoes created for his god ernest bai koroma to study the words in the Good Book, the Holy Bible that is, for guidance in just how anyone professing to be a Christian is expected to comport him/herself in private and in public and we would still urge him to "cut and paste" a "sermon" on the theme - "Gluttony is a sin". We still would urge him, the satanic priest that is, not be put off by his own admissions that - "The only thing I have not been able to accomplish is to pull down my weight". Is this the reason why he refuses to touch our suggested theme? Come on "fake pastor", "satanic rev" - you surely can manipulate words to present gluttony as something good for the soul. President Ernest Bai Koroma - has he abandoned his own manifesto?

Let us today, on this holy day for both Christians and Muslims reflect on the evils of lying, the evils of falsehood especially when it emanates from anyone claiming to be "an elder", a "pastor" who should lead by example. The recent disturbances in Bo saw a number of "true stories" from the "satanic rev" in which he claimed to know and hence published what he made out as what really happened on the ground. We have listed a few examples and of how these were expunged as soon as it became clear that he has been unmasked once more as an unrepentant liar. What manner of mind can come out with these types of stories, we humbly ask? From the formation of a Green Flag Movement in Bo to drive out all APC supporters from Bo to this -

"the kingpin of today’s chaos in Bo was John Benjamin, described as the most dangerous and venal character in Sierra Leone’s politics whose lust for power knows no bound and who could sacrifice his own grandmother to get political power"

With "satanic revs" like these, now you know how the APC's infamous treason trials got the victims they had earmarked for execution by hanging - for it is the likes of these that would lie on oath to please handlers for political handouts which facilitated the government's elimination of political opponents.

The same was witnessed when chaos reigned after the SLPP office in Freetown was attacked in March 2009 with report after report purporting to know just who is to blame were published which later proved to be the figment of imagination of somebody bent on pleasing State House for a job and this from someone who had boasted that he did not need a job from government as he was making enough money from his newspaper and other sources. Oh truth where art thou when needed. Which reminds us - where are the article writers that featured so prominently those days -

Our Political Correspondent Jonathan Fynecontry  - Rape in Sierra Leone : SLPP's heartlessness to women was most shameful and unbelievable

Written by SIDE JUDGE  - SLPP and the threats to Sierra Leone's national security : Sierra Leonean expresses concern

SLPP PROVOKED THE CHAOS IN FREETOWN --- eyewitness says in report to Cocorioko

When a letter purported to have been written by "disgruntled soldiers hit the streets in Freetown, he, the lying "man of the cloth" knew where to point fingers - Rumbles in the army : Watch that foreign link

There was a time when true Christian men/women of the cloth were called upon to cement the blocks of a Christian union between man and wife and we believe this still happens - well except in the case of the "broke ose", "congosah en lie", "oose wan nar yu yone day?" of a high priest who delights in drinking deep from the sewer of corruption in which the people's resources are stolen or diverted into private pockets. We saw this about the role of pastors, real Christian pastors in relation to couples. "One of the responsibilities of a minister is the pastoral care of married couples. Pastors are often called on to provide guidance, support and listening and to help couples discern the direction of their relationship as well as specific needs (for example, around parenting). This work is intimate and requires a minister to maintain clear boundaries, avoid triangulating and speak the truth in love" Dare you trust our satanic priest with such a duty? That will be the day.


Saturday November 5, 2011 - As President Ernest Bai Koroma gets ready to meet his party supporters in London we would urge caution - that he tells his audience just what he has done, been doing to ensure that good governance, the rule of law, respect for human rights of all Sierra Leoneans is a priority of his administration. He is also advised to stop listening to what he wants to hear - praise, praise and even more praises that he has brought heaven on earth for all Sierra Leoneans. It is time for him to listen to his gut feelings and know that all is not well with the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans.President Koroma - time to listen to the real people of Sierra LeoneRecognise them? They were there when the SLPP headquarters were attacked in Freetown

We offer this piece of advice free of charge, we offer it in the interest of all who mean well for the only country that we can call our very own - land that we love, our very own Sierra Leone. We know that Sierra Leoneans who are not perceived to be supporters of the ruling APC party will be prevented from attending anything that has to do with the Pa, the President that is, because their mindset will always see such an event as a political rally, never mind such rallies banned by the police in Sierra Leone, reserved for party members. And if we know them well as occurred during one-party rule, they will be fighting amongst themselves as to who should get the eyes/ears and whatever sensory organ of the President that puts them in favour.

Our piece of advice is that he learns from the mistakes of others who occupied the top seat in the land - mistakes made by former rulers Kabbah, Momoh, Siaka Stevens and Albert Margai when they stopped listening to the still voice telling them all is not well in the land and instead, like Colonel Khaddafi of Libya divorced themselves from reality, only listening to what is pleasing to their ears.

There are many things that have to be done to regain the trust of the people Mr President. Kindly go through the APC manifesto and you will notice that from day one - you have been on the wrong footing. Why did you make Cabinet ministers of MP's? Why have you failed to separate the Office of the Attorney-General from that of the Minister of Justice? Why have you continued to make yourself an apologist for all those who wrecked our country in terms of the economy, the rule of law and good governance? Why do you continue to associate with known beasts of no nation, known by everyone during our dark days - people who raped, looted and murdered hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and left millions traumatised and even more displaced? Why, Mr President, why?...and most of all in your quiet moments remember that when it comes to the crunch, it is you as head of this present government that will carry the most blame. Look around you and see those who were out of the country fending for themselves in whatever area they can in lands far, far away and think - why did they come back? If you think it is love for the country or a desire to serve you well, you would be advised to read the Government White Paper of the NPRC and see how these new "converts" brought President Joseph Saidu Momoh's government into disrepute and why when he was overthrown, the people rejoiced. Think Mr President think well and rip off the magician's mask. Face reality as it is seen on the faces of the unconnected and under-privileged at home in Sierra Leone. Remember - you are not the President of the APC party, you are the President of Sierra Leone and hence must be held accountable to all Sierra Leoneans.


Friday November 4, 2011 - As the circus headed by the smoke and mirrors President rolls into great London town, we ask just how much of the tax payer's money is being wasted on another jamboree even as we wait for the cost of the recent UN General Assembly meeting to be made public.

The magician's "gbatolites of no nation" who see nothing wrong in the policies of a man who since assuming power has quite forgotten his promises to the people as the economy takes a plunge while the ordinary Sierra Leonean finds it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, that is if they can even see where the ends are. The Commonwealth meeting in Perth held from 28-30th October has ended and instead of heading home to see how to make life easier for folks back home in the mother country, Sierra Leone, the circus heads for London where, according to his hirelings, rabid and rude boys and girls who think that spinning lies, more lies and damned lies is the best way of pleasing their paymaster, is in London "to dance with Sierra Leoneans". Fancy that, if you will. While the people back at home starve and Sierra Leone slides down the Human Development Index, (HDI), the smoke and mirrors President rides into town promising, according to those who depend on him for their "an to mot", shameless beasts of no nation to the core, to hold town hall meetings with "Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora". And to tell Sierra Leoneans all about it would be, you guessed it, another of the beneficiaries of the corrupt cabal that passes for a government in Freetown, one Khadija Sesay who actually believes that the Open Government Initiative is an excuse to be in the circus to "educate the diaspora" about what good governance is all about. Which reminds us - how goes that court case in which she was stated to have been involved in a deal with an entertainer for the 50th anniversary celebrations? As we have seen from the Auditor General's report of double payments when the circus attended the UN General Assembly last year, we wonder just how much the Australia jaunt has cost the tax payer and how much money is being siphoned off into personal pockets in terms of per diem and other allowances as well as other "sundry" expenses best known to the corrupt.

A reminder of that report's section will suffice - President Koroma - presiding over a regime of corruption and political intolerance

6. Duplication of payment in respect of United Nations general assembly meetings

The following were observed: During the 2010 Financial Year, the Office of the Secretary to the President received US$54,267 to cover accommodation, incidental and imprest in respect of the 65th UN General Assembly meeting and for the same period an amount of US$49,915 was remitted to the Mission. Of utmost concern to the auditor was the unavailability of the relevant supporting documents and schedules to cover those payments. We therefore recommended that the Financial Secretary should explain, with substantial evidence, why duplicate payments were made in respect of the UN General Assembly Meetings; in the absence of which the amounts involved should be refunded by the officers concerned. And that Financial Secretary is the President's own hand-picked man, one Edmond Koroma who had been ordered to pay back to the government kitty 500, million leones for his part in the rotten ferries scam. Your guess is as good as ours on whether he has paid a single  leone.

And while his shameless internet flying toilets have been singing for their supper, none of them noticed that Sierra Leone is among ten countries that have been chosen to help in the reform of the Commonwealth to make it more relevant to modern times. According to a communique issued after CHOGM 2011 in Perth, Australia, other members of the reform group include Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Jamaica, Maldives, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago and Vanuatu.


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