''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 9 No 5

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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WILLIAM AND KATE TO WED ON APRIL 29, 2011....AND IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY William and Kate will tie the knot on April 29, 2011

Engaged Prince William and Kate Middleton have, today Tuesday November 23, announced the date on which they will tie the nuptial knot in a "for better or for worse" ritual that will see them become man and wife - a move that will set them firmly on the road to become Britain's future king and queen.The Bishop of London

The Clarence House announcement made in a statement by Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Private Secretary to Prince William and Prince Harry to the press and others associated with the programme. His statement is quite revealing as he delves into costs and why the day could have been chosen - for it is the day of the Feast of St Catherine!!! (Clarence House is the official residence of The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry)

And what this will cost the tax payer is explained too

All parties involved in the wedding, not least Prince William and Miss Middleton, want to ensure that a balance is struck between an enjoyable day and the current economic situation. To that end, the Royal Family and the Middleton family will pay for the wedding. By that, I mean what anyone else’s wedding day would consist of: the church service, the associated music, flowers, decorations etc, the reception or receptions afterwards, and the honeymoon.

And the venue for the great event that is expected to be watched on television and heard on radio by billions all over the world, we have this insight.

The couple have chosen to be married at Westminster Abbey on the feast of St. Catherine – which is Friday 29th April. The couple were moved to choose the venue because of its staggering beauty, its 1,000-year Royal history and – in spite of its overall size – by its relative intimacy. By that, I mean, when at the High Altar, it has the uncanny feel of an intimate space. It’s almost the feeling of a parish church up by the High Altar. As I say, the venue has long associations with the Royal Family – it is in many ways the Royal Family’s church – and, of course, with Prince William personally. For Miss Middleton, the associations she has with the Abbey are quite simply the same as any British person would have for such a glorious and holy place.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed today's announcement and on the 10 Downing Street web site revealed that Cabinet has agreed that the day will be marked by a Bank (Public) holiday. Mr Cameron stated

“The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion. We want to mark the day as one of national celebration, a bank holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day. The costs of the wedding itself will be met by the Royal Household, with Government meeting any wider security or transport related costs.”

Meanwhile a priest in the Anglican church has been ordered to make himself scarce and suspended from public duties after he made comments in an online chat system in which he stated that the marriage between William and Kate will only last, at best, for seven years....and the Bishop who got suspended

The BBC reported that Church of England bishop, the Rt Rev Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden, yesterday Monday apologised for the "deeply offensive" comments on Facebook and he has been asked by the Bishop of London to withdraw from public ministry "until further notice". The Bishop wrote in his apology later -

"I recognise that the tone of my language and the content of what I said were deeply offensive, and I apologise unreservedly for the hurt caused," he said.

"It was unwise of me to engage in a debate with others on a semi-public internet forum and to express myself in such language.

"I accept that this was a major error of judgement on my part. I wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a happy and lifelong marriage, and will hold them in my prayers."

In a statement published on the web site of the Anglican Diocese of London, the Bishop of London, Richard John Carew Chartres has noted

"I was appalled by the Bishop of Willesden’s comments about the forthcoming royal marriage. In common with most of the country I share the joy which the news of the engagement has brought.

"I have now had an opportunity to discuss with Bishop Peter how his comments came to be made and I have noted his unreserved apology. Nevertheless, I have asked him to withdraw from public ministry until further notice. I have also been in touch with St James’s Palace to express my own dismay on behalf of the Church.

"Arrangements will need to be made in Bishop Peter’s absence and further details will be given in due course."

While the entire world will be celebrating April 29, 2011 as William and Kate formally tie the knot, in another part of the world pockets of beneficiaries of the autocratic and repressive rule of the APC of Stevens and Momoh will be reflecting, nineteen years on, on what really happened that saw them kicked out of power by the very boys they handpicked to serve in the national army.

Indeed up to the time of writing this report in 2010, some elements within that repressive ogre still blame themselves for what happened and would want to see all those who they believed engineered the ouster of the APC to be hanged, quartered and drawn....if they could manage that in 21st century Sierra Leone!!!!.

It would also be another time for members of the Sahr Sandy family to remember a fallen hero who was gunned down in cold blood by one SIM Turay on that fateful and historic Wednesday of April 29th, 1992.


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