''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 9 No 3

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Tuesday January 31, 2012 - A warning for civil servants from their top boss - Hold your political views by all means, but do not let this affect your work as neutral and impartial servants of the people.President Koroma - is he still stuck in the one-party state awful horror of the past?

The Head of Sierra Leone's Civil Service Mr S G Pessima has been reported, according to the "AWOKO" newspaper to have sent letters to senior civil servants and heads of such organisations in the various ministries quoting certain sections of the Civil Service Code that prevents them from engaging in active politics - advising them that as Sierra Leoneans, and we dare say human beings they have a right to their opinions but in the process, they should ensure that such opinions do not affect nor reflect in their duties.

"Civil servants shall not take part in political party activities such as canvassing on behalf of candidates or causes, writing letters to the press on party political matters, accepting any office in any political party organization and must not be influenced by partisan political considerations to compromise their impartiality and neutrality in the discharge of their official duties.”

This latest warning from the Civil Service boss comes in the wake of observations by President Ernest Bai Koroma himself.

This buttresses what we had always stated - about the dare of so-called Press Attaches - civil servants to boot who have taken upon themselves to write "articles", "essays" and "anthems" of various sorts aimed at pleasing who or what they believe are their masters and overlords. With what can only be described as reckless abandon, these persons, paid from the national purse contributed to by all Sierra Leoneans, from all sectors and from all walks of life and party colours, have taken upon themselves to write all manner of articles in the public domain against all perceived "enemies of state" including members and officials of registered and recognised opposition political parties.

Press Attaches, civil servants that they are should note this on the impartiality of the Civil Service and those so employed -

"Civil Servants shall not take part in political party activities such as canvassing on behalf of candidates or causes, writing letters to the press on party political matters, accepting any office in any political party organisation and must not be influenced by partisan political considerations to compromise their impartiality and neutrality in the discharge of their official duties. Officers are however entitled to their own views on political matters and if so qualified may vote in elections... may not be required to give up or alter their personal views and convictions, including their political and religious convictions. However, they are required to ensure that these views and convictions do not in any way adversely affect their integrity, independence and impartiality in the performance of their official duties"

We have stated before now and we would state this again - Sierra Leone is a multi-party state, having been freed from the stranglehold of that vicious, murderous, monstrous and vindictive ogre which passed then for a one-party state. And this being so, we would expect that all civil servants act within the rules and regulations of this government organisation, no matter what party is in power. And for those who think that to gain an appointment within the Civil Service as a "Press Attache" all that is needed is to manufacture stories that are put in the public domain about perceived "enemies of the state", please be reminded that those appointments, as far as we can tell, remain illegal as they never went through the legal and formal process of recruitment. We are informed that of all the hordes sent abroad as such, only one of them passed the requirements of the Public Service Commission - the recruitment agency into the Civil Service. Here we quote this relevant section of the Code

Regulation 2.2 Appointment to the Civil Service, at whatever level, is an opportunity, granting the selected candidate membership in a unique group selected for their individual talents and abilities and joined into a corps of employees dedicated to the service of the People of Sierra Leone. The paramount consideration in the appointment of members of the Civil Service shall be by merit.

Even as we await action from the Financial Secretary on those double payments as well as other thieving and acts of such a nature discovered at our missions abroad, we would again remind civil servants of this rule within the the Civil Service. "

"Falsification of any official document or recording or causing to be recorded therein any false or incorrect information; giving false or incorrect evidence or information or failure to disclose material evidence or information in relation to any inspection, examination, investigation or inquiry in terms of these regulations or rules or other general regulations"

So let the investigations begin that should see all monies stolen and continues to be stolen from the government and people duly recovered from the many rogues parading as civil servants within the corridors of government-owned institutions.

Sunday January 29, 2012 - Oh that they may have eyes to see, ears to hear and outlets to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The rudderless boat of the "re-branders" of His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, PhD, DSc, SSY, QTF (everything and anything), BA - Fourah Bay College (Division 3 - Let my people go category).President Ernest Bai Koroma - why has he taken this path of the ungodly?

It was only a week ago when we advised His Excellency, the smoke and mirrors occupier of State House that there's a warning somewhere in the Good Book, the Bible - that God is not mocked and gave him one good example of how the man he admires so well, one Johnny Paul Koroma got tangled in that web of deceit as he attempted to use the name of the Most High as a smokescreen for lies, more lies and damned lies in the perpetration of evil.President Ernest Bai Koroma - has he abandoned his own manifesto?

His Excellency failed to get the message or of he did decided like king Rehoboam of old, to listen to what came from the lips of the AFRC/RUF and other self-seeking ill-motivated minions, activists of his internet flying toilets and in the process ignoring the counsel of wiser heads that he walk the straight path. His satanic priest should know the story of Jeroboam and his son Rehoboam as found in Kings 1, part of which is quoted below.

".....and all the people came to Rehoboam the third day, as the king had appointed, saying, Come to me again the third day.  And the king answered the people roughly, and forsook the old men's counsel that they gave him; And spake to them after the counsel of the young men, saying, My father made your yoke heavy, and I will add to your yoke: my father [also] chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions."

And what did we read from the scroll of his new "media adviser" - that His Excellency, a man we are told is a Christian getting married to 100 women clad in white. Allow us to quote from the grovelling piece from the mind of his new media adviser -

"At State House about midday, January 25, 2012, there was a unique ceremony laden with symbolism that captured the essence and joy of being ‘Sierra Leone an’, and would be highly promotional of one of the most globally marketable character of our Sierra Leonean-ness – our religious tolerance: over one hundred women clad in pure white long flowing dresses and white headscarves from the Brookfield Central Mosque and the Old Railway Line Mosque in Freetown went through a symbolic ‘marriage’ to a fervent Christian, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. A calabash and mat, tied with white cloth – traditional symbols of marriage within nearly all the indigenous tribes in Sierra Leone – and a six year old girl (the ‘little bride’), also clad from head to toe in Islamic white clothes, were handed over to President Koroma by the APC Women’s Congress Leader to ‘seal’ the ‘marriage’ between President Koroma, a serious Christian, and the Islamic women, who pleaded with President Koroma to worship in their mosque. President Koroma promised to worship in their mosque in his speech accepting the 100 ‘brides’. The still dashingly handsome President at 58 years of age said with a smile: “Leh God put blessing pan di marrade” (Let God bless this marriage between me and the 100 women). There were chants of “Allahakbah” from the women!!"

We have quoted in full the excerpt that has attracted our attention, never mind the sickening lay-bellehi-ism of the author. What else can you expect from his type?

Let's go back a little into our beautiful country's history. In November 1985, we witnessed constitutional dove-tailing that enabled Sierra Leoneans hear a new President Joseph Saidu Momoh telling the nation that as from that date - Sierra Leoneans will no longer pick the crumbs from the table but will be seated at the table for the feast. And then in January 1986, a ceremony took place at the national stadium where President Momoh was presented with a woman in white who was to later become his wife - what happened to the later in question, we were never told.

And now - another Christian President has thought it fit - yes to "symbolically" marry 100 women in white. We do not have to dig too deeply to offer this explanation for this rather bizarre act - our Christian President must have consulted with his soothsayers, augurs, marabouts, juju men or whatever and told - "You have to marry one hundred women all dressed in white as well as having that six year old girl."

We believe we have an idea about why that six year old was made a part of that satanic ritual and it does not look good.

We shall watch what happens to that poor girl in the coming days and we urge all those who saw that girl to monitor her fate.

We urge all child protection workers to monitor the fate of that six year old - for we fear for her safety and those who are a part of this satanic State House ritual know what we are talking about and should that girl be harmed, then all of those 100 women as well as the President and others in that satanic act must be brought to justice.

This is not a Christian, nor Muslim ceremony. It is an elaborate and deceptive plan at worshipping at the altar of the devil.

Why was the ritual held at State House instead of one of the mosques mentioned?

This is devil worship at the heart of government - State House.


Sunday January 22, 2012

Another Sunday and yet another day to heed the words of the Lord and His disciples as written in the Good Book, the Bible.

It is also a time for Christians and those who would want to be associated with this faith to take a sober self-assessment of their comportment and how they are perceived by members of the faith, people of other faiths, the community in which they live, the country that they call home and by extension even by those they have never met or seen in the flesh. Have they been behaving in a manner that would convince others that they are true Christians, obeying God's Commandments? Have they been true to themselves and to others? Have they obeyed the Commandment that forbids them from being false witnesses to please the "paws" that feed them? We are asking these and many more questions relating to the Christian faith because of events in the recent past that could well spell an omen of evil for all those who believe that they can invoke the name of God while engaged in evil acts.Ernest Bai Koroma - the new face of terror in Sierra Leone

It was the smoke and mirrors President who sometime last week told the nation that he, yes, he - President Ernest Bai Koroma - PhD, DSc, MSq, PPQ, B.A. (FBC - let my people go) etc etc who declared a week of prayer. This is the second time he is asking for the hand of the God to interfere in the welfare of the state and when he did it the first time, we warned him of the dangers of trying to make a mockery of the name of God. You just cannot use God's name in an exercise which you do not believe in but merely parrot things for the hearing and eye-seeing of men.

Let us explain - You cannot on one hand ask God to make Sierra Leone a paradise while at the same time engaged in all that is making Sierra Leone hell for a majority of the people.

You cannot ask God to restore Sierra Leone's fortunes while at the same time encouraging the massive thieving of the country's money and selling off the country's natural resources to the highest corrupt bidder that oils your bank accounts.

You cannot ask for God's intervention while dancing with the devil and obeying the commands of the devil's representatives in Sierra Leone - the marabouts, sorcerers, etc etc.

God is not mocked. When he tried it out the last time and called for a week of prayer and fasting - this was our observation.

We again reminded him of the antics of one Johnny Paul Koroma when, after the deliberate massacre of the people of Mabaylla in the east of the capital on the night of Wednesday September 3, 1997, he took upon himself to say a prayer which he delivered at the national stadium. This was what he said and we would advise one of his greatest admirers - President Ernest Bai Koroma to go through his words and link that with the fate of Johnny Paul Koroma - be he alive or dead.

Father we thank you, Father we bless you. Father we ask you to look kindly upon this nation. Look at your people. They are destroyed. They are in deep distress. They are deprived; but with you near us with your angels guarding us Lord, yes we have lost, but we know you will sustain us, and you will give us.We seek peace, dear God. Yes, the peace that cometh from you, not the peace of the world. But the peace that passeth all understanding, the peace of God.O dear Lord Jesus our Lord, I re-dedicate this week as a praise and worship week. I know we are at war against the devil, but the devil can never win. The devil was defeated at Calvary. Calvary brought us peace, that is the peace we shall enjoy in this nation.

God is not mocked.

We have been following reports of the violence in Frobay in the east of the capital Freetown as well as seeing pictures, some just too horrific and bloody - of those affected.

We join all those who condemn such violence in all its forms and here we would offer a word of caution again to the many, many "journalists", script writers etc etc especially those we had always referred to as the internet flying toilets who are just as ready and willing to hurl abuse, denigration and outright falsehood on all perceived "enemies of the state"

Be careful - be very careful lest you be a part of a government machinery which believes that it holds all the cards and knows everything about the health and wellbeing of perceived opponents. If the head of the police, one Francis Munu takes upon himself the duty and expertise of a medical practitioner, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner -  kindly do not join him - for when the time of reckoning comes, we would hate to see your scripts used as evidence as you being a part of a joint enterprise.

Kindly ask those who were around at the time - about how the law was compromised in favour of an eager government hell-bent on executing its perceived enemies; ask those around how their protestations were cast aside as they tried to show the burn marks on their clients bodies; please ask the hangmen or those who witnessed the executions at Pademba Road about the number of people who went to the gallows sick and unwell but were nonetheless approved as "fit to hang".

Kindly recall that the Nazis did have their own doctors and what happened in the end is a source of regret and shame to many in the medical profession. They were tried in Nuremberg after the Second World War.


Human Rights Watch report

Friday January 6, 2012 - Remembering the more than five thousand deliberately targeted and murdered by the power-hungry AFRC/RUF coalition of evil otherwise known as the beasts as they sacked the capital Freetown, in a bid to regain power and to continue their murderous rule after they were kicked out and run out of town by a civilian population that had rejected them from day one of their illegal seizure of power on May 25, 1997.A victim of the atrocities

Thirteen years on, we remember all those who perished in the orgy of murder, rape, pillage and mutilation even as we pray that those who survived it will be comforted by the Good Lord who has always been with the weak, defenceless and under-privileged and an over-arching supplication to Him that in the fullness of time, he will punish all those who perpetrated, aided and abetted the horror that was visited on the civilian population whose only crime was to stand up against the human rights abuses of the junta.

Thirteen years on we pray that the Good Lord in His mercy will dry the tears of the afflicted, give succour to the numerous victims of rape and torture and that one fine day, Sierra Leone will enjoy the peace and democracy, human rights and good governance as well as the rights of all citizens to rightly share in the resources of this rich but poor country - Sierra Leone.

We salute all those, gone to the great beyond and surviving, who stood up to the beasts and with a loud voice said NO to repression, suppression and tyranny.




Monday January 2, 2012 - The Audit Report for 2010 is out - a litany of unbridled, uncaring, deeply-seated corruption permeating every level, nook and cranny of government activity. A wake-up call for all Sierra Leoneans, the donor community and all who mean well for Sierra Leone - that this shameless and well-designed pillage must stop, must be stopped before things get out of control.Ernest Bai Koroma - the king of the lootersSierra Leone's Financial Secretary Edmond Koroma - propelled into this position after his financial flaws over the purchase of ferries. This should have sent a message to donors

We did not want to spoil what little happy moments you managed to have over the holiday period and so waited until now to bring you details of what has been in the public domain but which the government and paid praise singers refused to report on - the massive and reckless theft of the people's money by a government led by the "clean" smoke and mirrors occupant of State House - Ernest Bai Koroma. What a man!!!!

He trumpeted that as far as he was concerned, he would be different from the SLPP government the people ousted by their votes in 2007. He promised all what disappointed Sierra Leoneans wanted to hear - he would put in place what he called zero-tolerance for corruption.

The latest audit report reviewing government management of the country's finances for 2010 showed that the only zero that Ernest Bai Koroma put in place was more of them at the end of monies stolen from the people and as the audit report shows, no institution was spared this reckless and uncontrolled stealing and bare-faced raping of the country's resources by a band that has shown it does not care.

The report reminds the government and the various personnel including the President that the bare-faced robbery and thieving being carried out by them is inimical to good governance and democratic values. Whilst reminding the government of what such reckless thieving did to Sierra Leoneans and that entity called Sierra Leone in the 24-year misrule of the APC, let us again remind the nation wreckers of the constitutional duty of each and every Sierra Leonean as well as the media in relation to holding the government to account.

"The press, radio and television and other agencies of the mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this Constitution and highlight the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people."

We would also urge the government which, to all intent and purpose, appears bent on a campaign of a lack of accountability and transparency what the 2010 audit report has noted

"Law and order and good government sit at the very core of a well-functioning State. Sound public financial management is a key component of good government. The whole works together to form an environment to attract direct investment, foreign and domestic, and permits the State, should it so wish, to raise long and short term funding from the international financial markets. It is also crucial to creating a context that facilitates the assessment and orderly collection of tax revenue and other levies from all sources; as well as shaping a civil society that recognizes and values the legal obligation and civic duty to pay to the State that which it is due."

The audit report of 2010 clearly shows a government determined to steal the peoples' money using every and all devious means it can hatch from the supply of government fuel to non-government functionaries to refusing to submit documents for scrutiny. What is even more frightening is that despite the massive thieving unearthed by the previous audit report of 2009 and promises by those found wanting to correct the numerous anomalies and financial impropriety exposed, this latest audit report clearly shows a government and its functionaries hell-bent on continuing corruption and thieving not only on a more than unimaginable scale, but is clearly set on ignoring the audit reports. This brief from the report says it all -

We found significant numbers of receipt books were not accounted for or available for examination. There were unidentified cash balances held in transit accounts and not transferred to the CRF at year end in a timely manner. We also noted a significant discrepancy between NRA reported revenue and that disclosed in the Public Accounts.

No breakdown on donor revenue was made available for audit and we encountered a lack of supporting documentation in a worrisome number of instances. Also, for 99% of bank balances we were unable to obtain direct confirmation of balances held in commercial banks.

Many of our recommendations from previous years have not been implemented and this continues to be of considerable concern.


Sunday December 18, 2011 - Another Sunday and another day to keep holy in this period of Advent in the Christian calendar. We are also reminded that it is at a time like this that true Christians remind themselves of the need for repentance and to turn away from all those things of the world that lead to sin - among them avarice, malice, falsehood and insatiable acts of corruption. It is also a time to reflect on the name Christ and what it means to the true God-fearing Christian.A picture of life for the ordinary Sierra Leonean as their thieving overlords feed fat on corruption

And that is why we are a bit worried that the high priest at the altar of lies, denigration and falsehood dedicated to the worship of his god ernest bai koroma appears to have abandoned his usual cut and paste "sermons" that were used as a smokescreen to hide his real mission. We are worried, but pleased at the same time that we have been able to expose him for what he truly is - a real purveyor of lies, more lies and damned lies aimed at pleasing not only his god ernest of AFRC Mk2 but exposing his links with all the exponents of that evil known as the AFRC/RUF coalition of evil otherwise known as the beasts.President Ernest Bai Koroma - has he abandoned his own manifesto?

Indeed our attention has just been drawn to the satanic priest's own admission that -


What he states is nothing profound as he would want his readers to believe for it is stated in the Good Book, the Bible in Proverbs 12: 19 - the warning - "The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment." (King James 2000 Bible)

Dr Martin Luther King, Jnr reminds us - "Truth crushed to earth will rise again" and we are reminded that lie's greatest shield is to tell the lie and hope that no one will counter it with the truth. (Alveda King Blog) In the case of those who eat from the thieving hand of the smoke and mirrors President - telling the lie a thousand, even on to a million times hoping that it will become the truth. Never - for it has been shown that despite the many web pages from web sites stretching from Aragonia to Zogoda through the Kangari Hills dedicated to the lies, more lies and damned lies, everybody now knows that the firm  "Corruption Incorporated" based at State House in Freetown will never succeed in making truth out of falsehood.

We say, who better to know that the truth will always triumph than the high priest himself.

Here's the proof

Before we go, please click on the image to the right and read a sobering piece on life for the ordinary Sierra Leonean as we approach Krimes. This is from the one and only Sierra Express Media, SEM. The new overlords would have by now ensured their bank accounts are well greased, their tables prepared for the best meals their greedy selves can garner from the sweat of the poor. However as Pastor Reinhard Bonke told the people at the National Stadium during that wonderful crusade all those many years ago - People of Sierra Leone - have no fear. The Lord will always be with you.

Friday December 9, 2011 - International Anti Corruption Day - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon exhorts all and sundry that on this day "let us pledge to do our part by cracking down on corruption, shaming those who practice it and engendering a culture that values ethical behaviour." Why Sierra Leone needs its own Heracles in the fight against the hydra of corruption actively encouraged by the new uncaring, despotic and outright thieving and dishonest conquerors at State House.Anti Corruption Commission Chief Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara - when will he admit he's failed?Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio of the main opposition SLPP. He accuses the government of unbridled corruption

Today Friday December 9 is International Anti Corruption Day, a day set aside to focus and refocus on a man-made plague that has negatively impacted on developing and other countries and a time too for all those interested in curbing the debilitating effects of this scourge to do more in the fight against what is clearly a hydra-headed evil that benefits a handful including government and party praise singers while confining the rest of the population to a life of deprivation, starvation, the lack of the basics necessary for life and death.

The UN Chief Scribe Mr Ban has today released this message - a message that resonates ever so strongly in Sierra Leone where increasing levels of corruption have led to an even more hostile attitude towards all those calling for transparency and accountability in the affairs of state

Corruption afflicts all countries, undermining social progress and breeding inequality and injustice. When desperately needed development funds are stolen by corrupt individuals and institutions, poor and vulnerable people are robbed of the education, health care and other essential services. Although the poor may be marginalized by corruption, they will not be silenced. In events across the Arab world and beyond this year, ordinary people have joined their voices in denouncing corruption and demanding that governments combat this crime against democracy.

The flag bearer of the main opposition SLPP Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has also added his voice in the call for the government to do something about the over-powering and all-encompassing levels of corruption that is threatening the very fabric of Sierra Leone society.

As an independent outlet, free from the shackles of the corrupting influences of a government that preaches a fight against corruption while encouraging the same evil as practised by it's "sacred cows", we join others of a similar disposition to call on the government to put what it has been preaching into practice and help curb corruption - the same cancer that led to our troubles the effects of which are still being felt and seen all around, in every nook and cranny of government and party activity. Recall this article in 2006?

Indeed recent paid-for and poorly-managed outburst of pro-government and pro-APC party supporters over the Sorious Samura expose has exposed even further the desperation of the beneficiaries of corruption who would throw any and everything that represents the truth, any and everything that puts the spotlight on the many dark areas of corruption that is encouraged from the very heart of State House itself.

It is true that the 2008 Anti Corruption Act gives the fight against corruption the teeth that was lacking during the Ahmed Tejan Kabbah Presidency and it is on record just how well the Sierra Herald welcomed the new Act, hoping that at last something is being done to tackle this evil.

Alas, true to form the smoke and mirrors President has taken the wind out of our sails and badly let us down with his creation of his very own "worreh" of sacred cows.

Who can save Sierra Leone? President Ernest Bai Koroma? Let him start the ball rolling by making public his declaration to the Anti Corruption Commission and then go on to reveal just how much he has been receiving from the many "investors" that now invade the land that we love, our very own Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone now needs her own Heracles to combat this hydra of corruption sucking the life out of the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

Remember this speech by former International Development Minister Clare Short in Freetown in 2002? Nothing has changed, absolutely nothing rather the only change is for the worse.

Wednesday December 7, 2011 - Pity the "rebranders of Sierra Leone"...for they know not what they do...confused and rudderless, they exhibit all the traits of the desperado, uncultured and untrained in the fine discipline of journalism as they grope from one slippery pole to the other - all in the attempt to rubbish their latest enemy of the state Sorious. He received what we see as this badge of courage after he exposed the insider dealings of what the "re-branders" do to attract investors.Journalist Sorious Samura - now declared an enemy of the state - just for doing his jobA scene from the documentary on Sierra Leone's illegal logging moves

It has been quite an exercise in denial or dare we say a crass one in futility? Yes, we can settle for the latter as all manner of articles get churned out in the wake of the Sorious Samura expose on corruption in high places - this time linking the office of the Vice President with assurances of illegal timber harvesting even though that aspect of the money-generator seemed to have been put on hold. From out of every crypt, out of every sewer, out of everything sordid came the crawlers bearing banners trying to make good what they believe are truly damaged goods from the corruption factory of Corruption Incorporated headquartered at State House, the seat of political power in Sierra Leone.

We are happy to note that in all the weak attempts at denial, none of the hard core or new-found deceivers have denied that those shots were taken in Freetown. None dared state that the entire story was filmed somewhere in frozen Alsaka and super-imposed to make it seem like somewhere in Sierra Leone - all agreed that the two villains who were the contacts between the powers that be and the sting operations businessmen were clearly identified. Not only that, but that one of them was close to one of the vociferous defenders of all things Ernest Bai Koroma in the brigade of the internet flying toilets that are so quick to come out with the knives whenever they are subjected to a whiff of the truth serum, convulsing as if in death throes at every lie that is blown to smithereens at the mere mention of the truth.

We had in the past advised pretenders, those who actually believe that cobbling a few words to form an opinion qualifies them as journalists that it is not that simple and that the appreciation of journalism could only become a reality after going through the doors of a proper school of journalism and we would urge them to try doing this as soon as possible. Then shall they realise just how wanting they are when it comes to real journalism; then shall they realise that there's a fine line between being a journalist and a PR agency for the government.

The handling of the Sorious Samura expose by elements who actually believe they are doing the government a favour by jumping on the bandwagon of deceit, lies and damned lies lays bare the inadequacies of those who dare where their betters fear to tread.

And that leads us to another piece of advice for the "re-branders" and the age-old question - what is there to rebrand? Sierra Leone's image as a former war-torn country ready to make a clean and good start, ready to be counted among the investor-friendly countries of the world is not an easy task, but one which can be easily achieved if those who insist that they are at the forefront of the "re-branding" campaign have what it takes to be taken as a credible cog in the machinery of making Sierra Leone, our very own country, a place that is safe not only for investors, but for the very people who own the land and the resources therein - the people of Sierra Leone.

All that is needed is a will to be different, a will to be honest and above all a will to practice what is preached as found in the APC 2007 Manifesto as well as the 2008 Anti Corruption Act.

Adhere to the intentions of these two documents, more so the Anti Corruption Act of 2008 and all will be well. Continue to spew out lies, more lies and damned lies and everyone will easily see through the facade. The Sorious Samura expose blew to smithereens the many lies the so-called "diasporans" published as to why they were going back home. They were not back in the country to help Sierra Leone and the people. They knew all along that they were there to create "havens" of dishonest enterprises aimed at fulfilling personal ambitions at whatever cost and all this while enjoying the protection of their political godfathers.

Learn from the Nigerian experience

Tuesday November 29, 2011 - CORRUPTION INCORPORATED EXPOSED - They have been crawling all over - from the internet through word of mouth to publications - the self-serving sewer things, including the most rabid of them even declaring a son of the soil an "enemy of the state". If that "state" is made up of unrepentant liars, deceivers and thieves who see nothing wrong in depriving poor Sierra Leoneans of their own of the national cake, then all true and patriotic Sierra Leoneans should be glad to be tagged thus by the wreckers of our country and we would gladly put ourselves in that category. It is a badge of honour - a badge that should be worn with pride by the likes of the publicly-tagged new "enemy of the state" the one and only Sorious Samura.A scene from the documentary on Sierra Leone's illegal logging moves

The "re-branders" have been working overtime, hurling whatever they can lay slimy and corruption-infested paws on to denigrate and make nonsense of that expose done by Sorious Samura and in the process sinking deeper into the quicksand of deceit as more questions get thrown up about how those entrusted with the management of the country's resources have been funding their life-styles, leaving the poor and unconnected to wallow in poverty.

It was interesting, very interesting, if not sad to notice that a new recruit to the outpost of deceit is somebody who now claims to be a - wait for it - development consultant. His latest article headline has nothing to do with the story itself save to state that Sorious Samura rose from the field of drama in Freetown to what he is today. What's the problem? Or has the "journalist" forgotten so soon that once upon a time there was something called "Bilt Mansions" somewhere in south London? Careful there young man and next time round please take off that tie which shows a connection to that great institution.

And while the stomachs of the poor burn with hunger, while the sick get worse and end up dying of ailments that could have been cured, their thieving conquerors ride in posh cars, compete on who is the most daring thief and jet here and there - kicking the poor and unconnected in their teeth as they wined and dined on their gory menu.

We have, for the records presented to you the story of one Dr Lamarca an Italian businessman who operated in Sierra Leone in the days of the Pa, Bandele for you, Siaka Stevens and we have also given you the facts of how we lost property that had been bought for the use of our diplomats in Italy - and all this because of greed.

Now that Sorious Samura has just exposed the tip of a grave situation that puts the lie on the government's claim to be clean, dirty clean, we have some State-House approved scripts, some mere "ajo" ones flying all over the place with the internet flying toilets doing their best to rubbish the documentary which exposed a bit, a wee bit of the terrible things going on behind the "plassas curtain" of the thieves and unrepentant liars.

How come none of them dares remind people of those containers that were reportedly seized by the Anti Corruption Commission, the ACC? Did we hear "Timber" again?

"The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Thursday 3rd February 2011 at around mid night intercepted eleven (11) containers loaded for illegal export at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Freetown. This sting operation took place as a result of a tip-off received from a member of the public. The ACC immediately put together a Rapid Response Team that went to the Port. The team opened the fifteen (15) containers that were ready for export and found eleven (11) of them containing timber."

You do not "re-brand" a country on lies, more lies and damned lies. Just publish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.



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