''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol XII No 4

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Tuesday November 29, 2016 - Sierra Leone Parliament concludes debate on 2017 budget. Another charade by a compromised Parliament more interested in what can be siphoned into individual pockets as the rat proves us right again. He's off on another junket on the peoples' resources.The rat - he would don any gear to attract funds into his ever-widening corruption channels

The Parliamentary debate on money that has been budgeted for spending next year is now over and even as Sierra Leoneans wilt under the hard and unrelenting rays of the APC sun, there's no indication that the removal of the subsidy on fuel had been factored into a budget speech that should become effective next year, and not this year.

The website of Parliament gave this insight into the debate, which in effect will be a rubber stamped document by a Parliament whose so-called Majority Leader, one RASSin Bundu had always made it clear that Parliament would never go against the wishes of his godfather, the rat. This man, who feeds fat on the droppings from the rat was on international display in New York contorting and gyrating in dance moves that shamed the famous lantern parade dancers of yore. And he was goaded on by an urchin of an Information minister who has been defending every and all unconstitutional moves imposed on the suffering masses of Sierra Leone.

But back to the budget and here's what a report from that once august body, Parliament states -

"For his part on the ensuing debate, Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo said that the budget is consistent with the policies and programmes of Government, whilst pointing to the challenges the austerity measures had, on the implementation of the Government’s development programmes. He described the budget as an “austerity economic restructuring” aimed at tightening our fiscal and monetary policies which is not peculiar to Sierra Leone, noting without which the economy may run into serious difficulty.

Hon. Francis A. Kai-Samba recalled nine years ago, the start of the Agenda for Change, Agenda for Prosperity, Ebola and now Austerity, whilst citing the current economic reality in the country that is affecting all, such as the hike in fuel prices and other commodities. He furthered that the condition of roads in Kenema District is deplorable, noting the recent grading on the Blama-Hangha Road, excluding other major roads in the District. He called for equity in the service delivery index for all, devoid of lobbying and begging.

Hon. Hassan Sesay on his part described the budget as an honest one, cognizant of the current economic situation in the country. He recalled the economic boom that had been gravely affected by a drop on the prices of ore and when ebola struck, noting that austerity is not peculiar to Sierra Leone. He emphasized that the endemic problem of leakages which the Government is trying to curb is neither the making of APC nor SLPP and should therefore not be used by any to score cheap political points. For him, the budget is a paradigm shift from extractives to agricultural productivity and called for all Government officials to travel on economy class to save funds for the development of the country.

Hon. Gladys Gbappy-Brima said, as representatives of the people to whom power and sovereignty belong, it behoves MPs to “speak” people instead of party, describing it as an act of “lawlessness”. RASSin Bundu - he believes Parliament is above the law.

She recalled President Koroma’s speech where he pronounced that “elections are now over and it is now time for development”.

She said that both APC and SLPP are in governance together and cautioned that the budget if not reviewed, would either make or unmake Government, as the people are grossly unhappy especially with hike in the prices of fuel and other goods and services in the country.

She also opined that 65% of funds allocated to MDAs are yet to be received for service delivery and that for the past six months; Paramount Chiefs have not been paid. She called for the down-sizing of numerous commissions set up by Government which are not doing anything for nation building, whilst saying that a situation where “Government is blaming the opposition for incitement, amounts to failure in governance”.

In concluding the debate, Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, referenced a BBC Media Action programme where the people of Kenema said that the deplorable condition of their roads is a result of internal politics; therefore the Government should not be blamed.

He spoke on the importance of oversight and called for nationhood and collective sacrifice for the realization of the dreams and future of Sierra Leone. He applauded the sale of local produce at Masiaka and other places in the country, and blamed university graduates for not taking advantage of the four factors of production, but rather inciting demonstrations and other forms of violence on the social media.

The total amount scheduled to be spent by the regime of the rat is over four and half trillion leones - Le 4,797,498,207,900 - (four trillion seven hundred and ninety seven billion four hundred and ninety eight million two hundred and seven thousand nine hundred Leones) shall be and "is hereby granted to His Excellency the President for and during the year two thousand and seventeen to be applied and expended in the manner herein described and for the several services set forth in the Schedule."

It is the wording of the document that makes worrying and very scary reading - surrendering all this amount for use by the rat. This means that the rat as overall spending thief can interfere into the expenses and budgets of all ministries and entities provided for and which by extension means that the entire budget of the whole country is a slush fund for the rat.

That is why after the announcement of the recent so-called austerity measures, he and his cabal have been flying all over the air spaces of the world, not caring a cent about the effects of their lavish spending on the people. Now he goes to China and his unrepentant media goons describe it as a strategic visit, whatever that means.Gladys Gbappy-Brima an SLPP member for Moyamba says good governance is still a myth.

A close look at the figures in this budget, that should become operational as from January 1, 2017 should raise more than a few eyebrows.

There's a so-called ministry of political affairs, the functions of which is murky. What does this ministry do for the national good and what is the justification for this allocation? Ministry of Political and Public Affairs 1,845,358,900.

There is another murky one - Office of the Chief of Staff 5 ,889,505,000 and of course the double spending Office of the Secretary to the President 1 5,045,759,600.

Not to be left out in the cold we have this - Office of the Vice President 10,840,916,400 aimed at making notorious Vouchergate exponent and his illegally appointed Vice President happy.

The amounts spent on Sierra Leone's missions abroad are equally baffling.

During the Siaka Stevens era, when things were getting a bit untenable, he ensured that all missions that the country could do without were closed down thus saving the country all the foreign exchange that were been expended on the upkeep of the missions.

In the case of the rat, he goes for more missions to satisfy the needs of his partners in fleecing the country rather than building bridges that would make Sierra Leone relevant in diplomatic, strategic and developmental moves. Take a close look at these -

Embassy, Libya 7 52,723,500.

What is this mission doing in a country that is wracked by lawlessness and anarchy?

What are they doing with the tax payers money?

Have they justified their presence on the ground - a presence that could have been entrusted to key countries and allies who can afford to maintain a mission in Libya or is it the continuing homage to a Sierra Leonean citizen long gone from the scene - one Colonel Khaddafi?

Embassy, Dakarr 8 47,704,800 - We still find it difficult to understand why a mission in the established countries in West African cannot take care of the affairs in Senegal.

Is it that the Dakar mission in just one more outlet for the rat to launder money and property?

Embassy, Dubai 5 23,900,000 - why this mission?

It is speculated that the rat has business and other real estate interests and has therefore established this mission to oversee his investments and that it has nothing to do with the national interest. An Ebola Virus Disease victim. The rat and his cabal cared less and fed on the misery of Sierra Leoneans.

Then there is Embassy, Seoul 4 45,398,500.

Only he and his mission head one-time RUF spokesman Omrie Golley know what is to be derived from wasting the tax payers money on this unnecessary outpost in a country that has been implicated in the stealing of fish from our waters.

Embassy, Kuwait 9 08,501,700. What this mission objective is would perhaps become public knowledge when the light is finally shone on the activities of the rat. One fine day.

Sierra Leoneans would be surprised to learn that the failed Attitudinal and Behavioural Change Programme has a budget of 8 18,642,500 and what puts the icing on the corruption money for the boys campaign of ruin and desolation of the country's finances is this -

Government Spokesman 3 72,130,500.

Now you understand why Bayraytay is quick to jump to the defence of his boss. He has a separate spending budget of his own even though he can be supported by that of the office of the rat headed by Osho Coker.

One very interesting and scary budget line is this -

Central Intelligence & Security Unit 5 ,239,701,600.

Who heads this unit and why was it set up?

Is this the unit that imports and operates software that allows the rat and his operatives to infiltrate mobile and telephone lines, intercept and interfere with internet messages and emails?

What is the relationship between this and that of Office of National Security 7 ,086,486,500?

As the anti-people activities of the rat and his cabal get exposed on a daily basis, we would call on all those who care for the welfare of the people of Sierra Leone to garner all the evidence they can on the illegal and criminal activities of the rat for a possible trial for crimes against the people.


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