''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol XII No 3

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Sunday October 16, 2016 - Even as the continuing rape of the country's resources gets exposed by the hour and Sierra Leoneans get increasingly weary of the future, the rat and his gang have shown no remorse, no apologetic move, nothing to indicate they are listening to the people rather than their own voices.The rat - he would don any gear to attract funds into his ever-widening corruption channels

It is another day when Sierra Leoneans of the Christian faith go to places of worship to give thanks to the Good Lord for His mercies and to seek divine direction in a country where life for the vast majority is becoming unbearable by the hour - gripped in the claws of an uncaring and thieving cabal headed by the rat and his gang of uncaring and reckless nation wreckers.

Among those who would be spoiling the picture of a serene scene of devotion, supplication and repentance would be the dirty rats, hobos to the core who would be displaying their ill-gotten so-called wealth in the faces of real and true Christians who know that there is, within the pages of the Holy Bible instructions that forbid stealing, violence and dishonesty in general.

Some of the gang will even be seen in churches reading passages from the Holy Bible from lecterns from which they look down on their victims. Others would be quite willing to be named in all manner of roles that would be announced for all to hear as Grand Chief Patrons, Grand Chief Receivers and all manner of titles as vanity takes centre stage.

As soon as the government statement was published admitting that the economy was in shambles, there arose from the putrid gutter of dishonesty, lies and licentiousness, a number of articles written by those who feed from the droppings of the rat that all will be well - that very soon, a new paradise will emerge from the wreckage of the deliberate and systematic plunder of the peoples' wealth.

Kindly recall that soon after the results of the 2007 elections were announced giving the then opposition APC party led by one Ernest Bai Koroma the right to form the next government after more than 15 years in limbo, there were reports of a certain document which contained the alleged thieving acts of the outgoing SLPP government that would be used to bring that government to book.

There were those who genuinely believed and looked forward to the revelation and prosecution of all those involved in financial malpractices under the SLPP. As it turned out this was the first stirrings of the massive beast of corruption and deception to ever hit Sierra Leone.

Nothing was ever heard of that report again because it provided an avenue for the incoming Koroma government on just how to improve upon the use of the wrecking ball to bring the country's economy to its knees.

One concerned Sierra Leonean Francis Kaifala is quoted in the AWOKO newspaper thus -

"The recent austerity measures under taken by the government of Sierra Leone to salvage the drowning economy has led to criticism from members of the public and civil organizations in Sierra Leone as most believe weak economic policies are the main cause. Lawyer Francis Ben Kaifala is the Director of policy and recruitment in the Renaissance Movement in Sierra Leone and in an exclusive interview with this medium explained about their views on the austerity measures and its disadvantages to the economic situation.

“The austerity measures will not address the overall economic woes of sierra Leone, I think what the measures will do is to provide savings and liquidity to the government but it does not address the issue of inflation, increase of price of commodities in the market, address the balance of trade deficit, that has led to the Leones depreciating to dollar.

It does not address water, electricity supply; it does not address self-sufficiency so that we can reduce on the high rate of import”.

Kaifala stated that “we are in this economic mess because government became arrogant; they feel like they have a popular support so they can do anything and get away with it. They have not been listening to advice whether national or international”, he furthered that the APC led government has done lot of things including weak economic decisions and policies that are wrong and has led us to this situation."The thieving vultures of State House

You only have to take a good look at all his close associates that he has put in places where there's money to be made and you would realise, much to the horror of those who care about Sierra Leone that the rat and his kitchen cabinet are interested in one and only one thing - stealing from the coffers of state.

All his promises that his government will ensure that there are no sacred cows and that he would pursue a zero-tolerance for corruption are now seen to be not only hollow but a badge of the triple-tongued misfortune that is personified in the rat at State House.

Why, the smoke and mirrors rat even went as far as to say that those who fed fat on the misery of the Ebola curse would be playing around with what he called "blood money" but then even though the Auditor General's report showed the massive and free for all looting that was encouraged from State House as Sierra Leoneans tried to cope with the ravages of the disease, no one was held to account and instead what we saw was the so-called Majority Leader of Parliament publicly engaged in a battle with the Anti Corruption Commission over who should be held to account.

The Anti Corruption Commission, a body that is legally set up to look into such revelations as found in a public document, instead of hauling the RASSin Bundu beast in the shape of man to court and charging him with the offence of interfering with the work of the Commission relented and allowed evil to win the day.

This even though the Parliamentary Accounts Committee admitted that their report on the stealing of the Ebola funds should not be a deterrent to any organisation or body taking the necessary steps that would bring the alleged thieves and plunderers to justice.

The Anti Corruption Commission as compromised as Parliament to serve the rat rather than the people, has not made any move in this area of holding the thieves to account in the face of the glaring revelations contained in the Auditor General's report on the mismanagement of the Ebola fund.

The police headed by another slave of the rat did nothing either.

The so-called ambulances are still there rotting away, the "drugs" and other fake oddities allegedly bought to combat the killer disease are all rotting away and in the view of all Sierra Leoneans.

This gave rise to accusations that the rat allowed the disease to spread and kill so that he and his cabal will be there to benefit from it all - the blood money - and as all Sierra Leoneans can now observe, it was all a smoke and mirrors ploy to increase the money flow in the battle that would be siphoned into the pockets of the rat and his associates.

Many hard working and long-suffering Sierra Leoneans who have been watching the manipulations of the rat and his cabal to rob the people blind were not surprised when State House was forced to admit in a statement made public that the economy was in a freefall, going downwards as corruption was legalised under a compromised Judiciary and Parliament.

Even though it is a legal requirement that all holders of public positions declare their assets on taking up a job and doing annual reports on their assets, no one has been held to account for failing to do so which is an offence under the Anti Corruption Act now in force.

MPs have refused to comply.

Ministers and their deputies have refused as have heads of government departments, agencies and other government agencies.

They all point to the fact that the rat at State House has refused to make public his assets even though the Anti Corruption Commission still has to assure the public that the rat has been complying with the provisions of the Act.

The reports of the three main Commission of Inquiry set up by the National Provisional Ruling Council, the NPRC led by one Captain Valentine Strasser and his deputy who ousted him one Julius Maada Bio are worth reading to grasp the extent to which nation wreckers are willing to go in the exploitation and looting of state resources.

They are the Mrs Justice Laura Marcus-Jones Commission of Inquiry, the Justice Lynton Nylander Commission of Inquiry and the Beccles Davies Commission of Inquiry.

If the government of the rat can still continue to vigorously pursue the same ills exposed in these reports, then Sierra Leoneans are in for a rough ride.

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