''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 10 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Tuesday April 16, 2013 - Terror strikes in the United States again as double bomb blasts at the end of the famous Boston Marathon claim at least three lives, leaving many wounded and traumatised. US President Barack Obama vows that perpetrators would be brought to justice.The hand of evil's victims in Boston Update: Eight year old boy killed as he waited for his dad to finish the marathon.Martin Richard the eight year old victim of the bomb blasts that rocked the Boston Marathon. RIP.

Residents in Boston and indeed the entire United States of America as well as the world are waking up this morning to the stark realisation that while the good go about their daily chores and trying to make life a meaningful experience, there still lurks within them the messengers of evil, the praise singers of evil who would do any and everything to create chaos, unbridled mayhem within communities that give them succour, a chance to build and grow and the opportunity to develop talents and work on dreams in all spheres of human endeavour. As US citizens stood up as one and condemned the evils of 9/11 so have they vowed in the words of President Obama, that the hands, brains and minds behind the terror attacks would be caught and brought to justice. The timing and size of the blasts show that the perpetrators were bent on causing maximum chaos, death and injury close to the site of the finishing line where many would be gathered to cheer in those crossing that line as well as participants from all over the world who see the Boston Marathon as the place to be.

The Boston Herald carries this banner headline in its online edition - Blasts kill 3, injure at least 144 at marathon

Columnist Scott Lehigh's piece paints this graphic picture with a defiant message in his colum headline - A tough blow — but a tougher town indicating that residents of Boston would not be intimidated by the bombers and their shadow supporters.

"It happened when we had almost stopped thinking it could. We had come to believe we were safe, that terrorist attacks of this sort were a relic of our unprepared past, something that wouldn’t happen again. And then it did. Explosions. Smoke rising. Sirens screaming. Ambulances racing. State Police SWAT vehicles lumbering around the streets. National Guard troops on the Common. Raymond Kwan, 60, a chemical engineer from Houston, had finished the marathon just minutes before and was a block away when the explosions came."

Meanwhile the United Kingdom authorities have assured all those wishing to watch and participate in the London Marathon this coming weekend not to be fazed by the Boston tragedy and that all will be done to make London and the London Marathon safe for all - athletes, participants and spectators.

And indeed the London Marathon went on as planned with the participants showing their support for the athletes that took part in the Boston Marathon as well as for the people of Boston who despite their pain and grief displayed a determination not to be cowed by the cowards who targeted unarmed and unsuspecting athletes and other members of the public including Martin, the eight-year old who was waiting at the finishing line to usher in his dad who was a part of the running teams and participants.

Meanwhile the identity of the bombers are now known worldwide as the chase to grab them took a massive step forward after the images of 19 year old The two brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon killing three among them Martin shown on the right above.and his 26-year old brother Tamerlan was shown all over the world. In the chase that ensued, the older brother both originally from the Russian area of Dagestan was killed in a hail of bullets fired by security agents while the younger brother, badly wounded was caught after he was spotted hiding in a boat that was parked on land.

Reporters who visited the relations of the two were to learn that no one who knew them could connect them to such an act as they were not known to be what is now known as radical followers of a brand of believers who interpreted the Quoran in quite a different way as espoused by modern day scholars of the faith.

The UK-based Daily Mail carried what was gleaned from investigations - that the bombers had plans to attack other targets in the United States using what appeared like crude but very deadly devices crafted to cause maximum damage to humans that would see nails, shrapnel and other missiles propelled by the initial explosions ripping through human tissue.


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