''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 10 No 3

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Sierra Leone - where speaking your mind is now a crime...as in the days of the AFRC so are the apologists, sewer rats, vermin to the core, coming out again in support of draconian measures against journalists...

We have been watching, reading and noting just how APC party officials especially those directly dependent on handouts from the peoples' resources through the paws of the corrupt at State House have been doing their best to support and justify the draconian measures on the menu of the ruling APC party, the government and the law enforcement agencies.

It was the same scenario in 1997 during the terror reign of the AFRC/RUF coalition of evil, otherwise known as the beasts when "journalists and paid writers" with strong links to the junta towed the line of Johnny Paul Koroma and his band of rapists, killers and looters. Some of these so-called journalists, now known as "pay as you go journalists" are showing their colours again - backing a crackdown on free speech and the harassment of those who believe that the truth must be told to power, never mind the cost.

History is bound to judge us, our children and great grand children would be asked the question - when this repression and suppression of free speech and expression were being perpetrated against colleagues - what did your parents, relations and friends do to tell the powers that what they were doing was wrong and unconstitutional?Paramount Chief N'Silk was judicially murdered by the APCGeorge Thompson went to the gallows because he dared oppose one FB Turay, the APC candidate for Freetown East III

Below are excerpts from an interview given by government spokesman Alpha Kanu to the international broadcaster, the BBC. The more we listened to it, the more we saw the face and intentions of one Alieu Kamara another spokesman for the AFRC/RUF coalition of evil during those dark days.

Just as Alieu used words which he felt would please his masters, so has Alpha Kanu and the way he tried to link the events in Rwanda to the article complained about clearly shows a band of terror advocates who would stop at nothing to justify their action against free speech and journalism.

For those who were not around then, imagine what could have happened to those now incarcerated journalists had the world remained divided between the East and West blocs and imagine what could have happened in a world where the internet was non-existent.

That was how perceived enemies of the APC were roped into drummed up treason charges and that was how the innocent were deprived of their liberty and life. The relations of Paramount Chief Bai Makarie N'Silk as well as one SLPP candidate for Freetown East Three, the Kissy Area, one Mr George Thompson who was judicially murdered by the Stevens administration because he dared oppose the APC candidate one F B Turay will bear witness to these judicial murders.

We have in the past raised the flag over the manipulations of the Rat (Gronpig) to execute those he believes keep standing in his way. The first time we got a hint of this was after the attack on the headquarters of the main opposition SLPP in Freetown. It was alleged that women were brutalised and raped, SLPP male supporters were brutalised, manhandled and bundled off to detention in prison with the Rat-controlled judiciary actually charging the victims to court!!!

At one APC meeting, one of them from the Siaka Stevens era advocated that the SLPP men be charged with treason, their main target at the time was John Benjamin and that would have also given them the opportunity to rope in one Julius Maada Bio, who was later to become the flag bearer of the opposition SLPP in the 2012 elections.

They again attempted it after the Bo attack on Maada Bio, but thanks to modern day communications, this did not work out and fearing a backlash from Sierra Leoneans within and outside the country decided instead on detaining and trying the SLPP victims!!!!

Investigations were ordered by the Rat in these and other acts of violence since he went to State House and despite reports submitted on which he promised to act, the Rat has still not lifted a claw against his operatives who were named as perpetrators of violence against fellow Sierra Leoneans.

Quite recently, they have now come out with what they call an "intelligence-led" operation to detain a number of soldiers with plans to try them on still to be revealed charges.

We are watching...watching....watching....

(The two pictures are from the pages of Sierra Leone 365)

The weird and very strange rant of the rat's equally vile spokesman Alhaji Alpha Kanu on the BBC justifying the arrests, detention and harassment of journalists.

BBC Presenter - Focus on Africa: The heavy hand of the law has been landing on the heads of newspaper journalists in Sierra Leone these past few days and its all to do with an article which was first published in a Freetown newspaper about alleged tensions between President Koroma and Vice President Sam Sumana. For allegedly writing that President Koroma was behaving like a rat, the newspaper's editor Jonathan Leigh and another journalist...are currently been held for questioning by the police Criminal Investigations Department. But minister for Information Alhaji Alpha Kanu told me there's much more to it than just a comparison to a rat.The Abuja rat says his Rat President's life has been put in extreme danger...what a rat!!!

Alpha Kanu: Well that's actually taking the focus from the actual import of the article. The import of the article is not on the relationship - the import of the article is an insult to the President. It was actually describing the President in all sorts of unprintable names and all that and the family......

BBC: So why the raid on the media houses and.....?

Alpha Kanu: We're lucky that President Koroma is a very popular President. Normally this would be looked upon as incitement - don't forget we still have not forgotten what happened in Rwanda when people conspired (yes, in his words) the leaders there to cockroaches and people went out and killed them. So when you start talking about Presidents like vermin and a rat is a vermin, if he's not a popular one, you immediately expose him to extreme danger. (Extreme danger? - yes that's the spokesman for the Rat)

BBC: So if you say President Koroma is popular why this rather heavy handed reaction to what's been said about him - after all like you say he's a popular President, this would make no impact on his popularity?

Alpha Kanu: It will make up an impact because he was insulted as a person and it is that personal attack on himself and his family that the law is taking into consideration/concentration because we have laws in this country which protects the rights of individuals and it covers everybody.


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