''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 10 No 2

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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Saturday October 12, 2013. - The shameless African Union and an equally lying and manipulative Uhuru Kenyatta who despite promises that he would want to defend the Kenyatta name urges his fellow murderers and human rights abusers of Africa not to attend to the call of the International Criminal Court for crimes against their own people. Fat chance and we would urge the ICC to issue an arrest warrant for the lying jackal parading as head of state should he default.Uhuru the lying jackal in a handshake with another ICC accused wretch William Ruto before leaving for Saturday's meeting at the African Union in Addis Ababa.

The African Union has now shown its true colours and displayed what everyone had suspected all along - that it is there to protect human rights abusers parading as "sitting heads of state" from justice. The various statements made by those who attended the special African Union meeting on the ICC on the 11th and 12th October exposed to their citizens, to the peoples of Africa , the international community and indeed the community of nations that they were more interested in protecting their kind from justice than seeking the welfare of the millions of African in dire straits.

How can a whole organisation, stated to be the sole continental organisation that is charged with the raising of the standard of living of the peoples of Africa get together for a special 2-day summit aimed at protecting autocratic, murderous and vile monsters parading as heads of their various governments? How can the African Union say that as long as some beast of no nation who engages on a murderous path to the highest political seat in a country should not be held to account for the murders and atrocities committed on the way to power?

In simple terms, what the African Union has shamelessly endorsed is to give a encouragement to mass murder, genocide and all and every human rights abuses as long as the end is achieved and once there the murderer is assured of not been held accountable by the ICC as long as he ensures that he remains in power forever.

Take the case of Sierra Leone and one Ernest Bai Koroma who was so desperate for a second term that he imported millions of dollars worth of war weapons for the police. Had the press and other concerned citizens not raised the issue on the international scene, is the African Union telling us that in the event that Ernest had used those weapons to mow down say, hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans, he should be allowed to go free and not questioned as long as he remains the head of state? Even Ernest Bai Koroma would never have acceded to such a lack of probity involving the lives of his own citizens. Or are we making a grim mistake here given his close association with the murderers and rapists of the AFRC/RUF coalition of evil? Let us, for now give the magician the benefit of doubt.

Now take the case of the President of Kenya - one Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the late Mze Jomo Kenyatta, the country's first African ruler after independence. Here is a man who stands accused by the International Criminal Court, the ICC of various offences relating to the post 2007 elections in which at least a thousand were murdered, tens of thousands wounded and millions displaced as ethnic tension was stoked that saw neighbour murdering neighbour and feeling quite happy about it because of the promises stated, inherent or otherwise of protection against legal action by the ethnic flame stokers on behalf of whom they were killing their fellow citizens.

It was this same Uhuru Kenyatta who had stated times without number that he was quite willing to co-operate with the ICC - something he repeated even after he was declared the winner of disputed recent elections. Uhuru Kenyatta is quoted in one Kenyan publication that the reason he was ready and willing to co-operate with the ICC was because, according to him and from his now proven lying lips that his family name must be cleared.

To hear this "little man bereft of any moral fibre" address his type at the African Union on Saturday 12 October was quite a revelation. Here was this man sounding quite wretched and defensive calling on his type to ignore the ICC and that the ICC was racist - hunting only Africans. So why only Africans? Was Slobodan Milošević an African? Are African governments willing to bring big guns to justice? Was Kenya not given the opportunity to try those deemed guilty of the bloodletting in Kenyan courts and did they do that? No way - they refused to show any ability and willingness to try those deemed most responsible for the bloodletting and extreme violence that gripped the country in the wake of those elections that were as flawed as any conducted by those who were apparently backing him. Supporters of Raila Odinga waving knives and sticks

This is a part of the speech delivered by the wretched man in Addis Ababa.

"Your Excellencies, America and Britain do not have to worry about accountability for international crimes. Although certain norms of international law are deemed peremptory, this only applies to non-Western states. Otherwise, they are inert. It is this double standard and the overt politicisation of the ICC that should be of concern to us here today. It is the fact that this court performs on the cue of European and American governments against the sovereignty of African States and peoples that should outrage us. People have termed this situation "race-hunting". I find great difficulty adjudging them wrong."

The reason why this is so is that many African courts are compromised, are controlled by the heads of state and so is created a system where justice is skewed in favour of the rich and powerful and used against the poor and unconnected as is witnessed in Sierra Leone say. After all Kenya was given the opportunity to try those deemed to be guilty and they failed to do that thus giving the ICC no option but to take up the case on behalf of the dead and the surviving victims. In the US and the UK, any who dares to take the lives of fellow citizens or indeed any other person living within the borders of the UK or US will be taken to court. There's bound to be an outcry if nothing is done unlike in many an African country where anyone raising a voice of concern is targeted by government.

"What is the fate of International Justice? I daresay that it has lost support owing to the subversive machinations of its key proponents. Cynicism has no place in justice. Yet it takes no mean amount of selfish and malevolent calculation to mutate a quest for accountability on the basis of truth, into a hunger for dramatic sacrifices to advance geopolitical ends. The ICC has been reduced into a painfully farcical pantomime, a travesty that adds insult to the injury of victims. It stopped being the home of justice the day it became the toy of declining imperial powers."

We fail to see from what planet Uhuru is speaking. Hear him talk about "insult to the injury of the victims". What victims is he talking about? If Kenya were serious about justice being played out in Kenya then there should have been a willingness on the part of the Kenya legal system to address the victims plight with so many displaced and many still nursing wounds they suffered at the hands of fellow citizens. Indeed had the ICC stood by and refused to do anything about the murderous rampage that accompanied the 2007 elections, Kenya would have been plunged into another inferno. It was the threat of the ICC getting involved even further that clipped the wings of any murderous plan against political opponents after elections that brought Uhuru to power.

"Our misgivings are born of bitter experience. Africa is not a third-rate territory of second-class peoples. We are not a project, or experiment of outsiders. It was always impossible for us to uncritically internalise notions of justice implanted through that most unjust of institutions: colonialism. The West sees no irony in preaching justice to a people they have disenfranchised, exploited, taxed and brutalised. Our history serves us well: we must distrust the blandishments of those who have drunk out of the poisoned fountain of imperialism. The spirit of African pride and sovereignty has withstood centuries of severe tribulation. I invoke that spirit of freedom and unity today before you. It is a spirit with a voice that rings through all generations of human history. It is the eternal voice of a majestic spirit which will never die."

This no doubt represents the thinking process of a man in denial and who would clutch at any straw to make sense of impunity. Having gone through all these things at the hands of imperialists and colonialists, is it not time to reverse these disadvantages and do everything for the well-being of African citizens? In country after country, the ruling elite have seen it their duty to steal form the people, amass wealth at whatever cost using whatever means and in the process leaving a large percentage of the people without the basics of life. Raila Odinga supportersMan carrying loot

Money that should have been used for providing good clean drinking water and enviable health services is siphoned off into foreign banks in these same countries that are condemned in his speech. Let Uhuru and his cronies put up a hand to say that they do not own foreign bank accounts either in their names or through intermediaries in these same countries. Governments like Uhuru's and their operatives and cronies engage in dubious business deals that benefit only those in power or with the right political connections and all strive to hide their ill-gotten wealth in the same "imperialist" countries that he now sees fit to condemn. We would not like to delve into how a simple Gatundu man rose to become the nation's first President and in the process ensuring wealth garnered from various sources formed a part of the Kenyatta family wealth and fiefdom.

Uhuru Kenyatta is reminded of this excerpt from the founding fathers principal charter - "Conscious of the fact that freedom, equality, justice and dignity are essential objectives for the achievement of the legitimate aspirations of the African peoples, Conscious of our responsibility to harness the natural and human resources of our continent for the total advancement of our peoples in all spheres of human endeavour..." We hope this message goes deep down in Uhuru Kenyatta's manipulative brain.

Uhuru Kenyatta's game plan all along was to hoodwink those concerned with justice for the victims of the post-election violence and thought that by getting into an unholy alliance with another of his type known as William Ruto they would defeat the course of justice by calling on their type in the African Union to give blanket immunity to murderers and rapists dressed in the robes of "sitting President" and we would urge the international community including those he called "imperialists" and "colonialists" not to grant him any passage through their countries as well as through those of others that they have some sort of alliances with including the European Union.

We would urge all known assets of Uhuru Kenyatta to be the subject of a seizure order should he fail to present himself to the ICC and should the ICC issue an arrest warrant for him, be seized in any "imperialist" territory and be taken in chains to face justice at the ICC. Africans need to breath and live freely in their own God-given land and not subjected to the whims and caprices of dictators.

Uhuru Kenyatta - you have just shown that you are one man who cannot be trusted and that your words are not your bond. It's a bad start and you need to do something about it lest the ICC issue an arrest warrant for you. You will then be in good company of another wretched colleague - Omar Bashir of Sudan.

And lest he forgets - we would like to remind Uhuru Kenyatta that other African leaders know the value of the International Criminal Court, the ICC in seeking justice for victims of human rights abuses and that the African Union could not get members to even consider leaving the ICC. That part of the agenda was dropped like a hot potato. It just did not make sense if Africa is to be seen as a member of the 21st century group of progressive nations.

Pictures of violence following Kenya's post-election violence is from a BBC website using this link

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